Thursday, October 22, 2020

Being used as a cleaning object

I exist to serve my Master. My Master knows that and he uses me in many ways. This time I want to tell you about one special way my Master uses me which brings my submissiveness out in fullest. My Master uses me as an object if it pleases him and I also have to take care of the household. On Saturdays he combines those two ways of using me. Of course not every Saturday is the same but quite often Master and I get up on a Saturday morning. First thing I serve him his Master coffee, lick his feet while he enjoys the coffee and reads the news. After that I am allowed to have my breakfast in the cage. After that Master usually turns me into his cleaning object to take care of the flat on Saturday morning.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Why I locked my slave's cock in "locktober"

I locked the slavecock of my slave away on the first of October and told him that he will participate in "locktober". So I own my slave now for about a decade and he bears my Masteremblem as a tattoo on his slaveskin. So perhaps you are now asking why I ordered him into the locktober?
First of all in everyday life I hold my slave chaste and he has to wear sometimes a cage. I use orgasms as a tool to reward slaves. My slave has no right for an orgasm but he can "earn" one but you can read more about it here and here. So after he became my slave his slavecock and sexuality no longer belonged to him. I own it and because I have no use for his slavecock why should he not participate in "locktober"? So as a well trained slave the 30 days should not be a problem for him. It shows how well trained he is and I am sure he can be supportive to other slaves by participating.  So I thought by ordering him to participate on locktober he could motivate and encourage the slave community out there.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

My thoughts on "participating" in "Locktober"

My Master has decided that he wants to have his slave participate for the first time ever in "Locktober". I had known this concept before and seen it on the internet. But I was not particularly interested in this idea because since I became the slave of my Master I always have to stay chaste and I am not allowed to touch my dick. Only my Master releases me from time to time if I have earned it or if he decides to do so. So staying chaste for one month or being locked for one month is nothing new to me.
But I can understand how people are interested in "Locktober". Staying chaste for your partner, for your Master is incredibly hot, shows a lot of trust and helps many submissive become more submissive. But of course staying chaste for a long time after you had spent your life fucking and jerking off as you wished can be very hard. So being locked from one day to another and having to stay chaste for a month can be a real challenge. In this case I think it can be helpful to know that around the globe thousands of other submissives are also chaste during "Locktober" and probably having the some struggles and challenges of staying chaste. I can help to feel united as submissives!

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Objectification of slaves

Objectification of a slave is for me an important and essential part of BDSM. I see my slave as my property and belonging. Therefore I see him - as well as guestslaves - as kind of objects. I chose explicitly the term "kind of object" because slaves are of course also human beings with feelings and emotions. As you know when a slave decides to serve me he automatically gets branded as slave in my mind but he also becomes an object towards me and I believe that lies in the nature of a slave. The slave is losing a big part of his self-determination towards the Master. That makes him a kind of an object. Just like owning a pet. 

Of course there are several level of objectification. The first level of objectification is the normal Master/slave relationship where the slave belongs to his Master and therefore also is his object. But in the first level of this objectivication the slaves keeps his "identity". With identity I mean that you are not covering up the face of the slave and therefore you recognize his "identity" and his facial expression. Don't forget we recognize and identify people almost exclusively by their faces! For us humans faces are like fingerprints.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

BDSM and romance

When your Master is also your partner and husband you might wonder if there is space for romance in a BDSM-relationship.
Yes there is! And I think romance is no contrast to a BDSM-relationship. Of course every couple has to decide for themselves if and how much romance they want and need. But I can say that my Master and I enjoy those romantic moments. Other BDSM couples we know, wo also live a very strict BDSM-life, have their moments of romance too. Of course romance is totally different for everybody. For me it means showing affection, setting small actions to show how much you care about your partner and taking time for each other where you only celebrate your relationship.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Consent & BDSM

This time I decided to write about consent in BDSM and how this matches up. Because BDSM & consent could look like that it would be contrary but it is not! So first of all: Yes, there is a consent between a Master and his slave and the consent is needed! It is not like that someone is sitting at home and from nowhere a Master/Mistress is appearing and is "enslaving" a guy (or woman) - who perhaps never heard about BDSM.
It starts with someone feeling and persuing a desire - the desire to dominate or serve. Perhaps this person will find the courage to satisfy his desire and explores it. Therefore he tries to connect on social media like recon, BDSM-Bars and so on. So the first time you find a glimps of consent in BDSM is in the action you take to find your inner needs and by wanting them satisfied! A Master wants to dominate and a slave wants to serve and with the first "session" you start to build up the trust and security which could perhaps lead to the desire of deepen BDSM and perhaps the desire to live the BDSM lifestyle.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

A thank you to the Doms on twitter!

Some weeks ago I thanked the slaves and subs who are on twitter, who share their story and who are in contact with me. I explained why it is important for me to be in contact with other slaves. 
But of course I am also very thankful to the Doms on twitter and so I want to dedicate this post to you Sirs!
As a natural submissive I was always shy to approach Doms, because I think they are so much above me in the natural hierarchy that I should not disturb them by contacting them. This has not changed since I am owned. It is still very rare that I contact Doms on twitter. On the one hand of course because I am an owned slave, but I still think of myself as a natural submissive who should not disturb natural Alphas. I follow a lot of Doms on twitter and I am thankful for the stories, picture and thoughts they share!