Friday, September 28, 2018

Session vs. 24/7

When I tell someone in the BDSM scene that I live in a BDSM lifestyle and I have a natural slave (24/7) they come with ideas that never fits reality! Yes my slave has a lot of rules which he has to observe. But no, he is not locked up in a cage the whole day where he is only allowed to come out when I need his services! He is not living in fear. There are huge differences between having a session and living BDSM 24/7.

Mostly you order your session slave to come on a specific date. With the arriving of the slave the session starts and ends with sending him home. Perhaps your boundary to the slave is only based on BDSM because you do not want an emotional connection with him. So no smalltalk, only using the slave, having fun, and sending him home. Perhaps you first dominate him and afterwards you treat him equally. So the hierarchy disappears. There are various way to plan and do a session but one thing is sure: The hierarchy ends with sending the slave home or you end the session and treats him equally. The rules and structure of the "slavery" is only present when the session is ongoing.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Why being a houseslave is for me the best way to serve my Master.

There are many ways you can serve your Master. And many might think that a slave serves best when he is on all his fours and gets fucked or gets down on his knee and sucks of his Master. Of course I do those things, and I try

Friday, September 21, 2018

Reflections on being a Houseslave.

I love to see my Master siting on the couch and relaxing after work or during the weekends.
I love it to see when he watches TV, plays or reads.

When I see him this way I would love to go down on my knees and lick his feet, lick his balls and maybe suck his dick. But than I think again and I come to the conclusion:

The 2 Slave-Types: My Conclusion (4/4)

Every slave is different but normally you can categorize them in one of the two (and a half) main types. Some Masters like to have session slaves, while other wants natural slaves and other like both.

Of course I am not unbiased. I am a natural Master and own my natural (non masochistic) slave! It is my way of lifestyle and I love it! I love to dominate my slave in daily live and in many areas. Because of that it is obvious that I prefer naturals slaves but from time to time I also prefer pseudo sessions slaves. More then session slaves. Because there are more authentic.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The 2 Slave-Types: The Pseudo Session Slave (3/4)

The pseudo session slave is normally a "natural" slave but intend to be a session slave. There can be a lot of reason why the natural slave pretend to be a session slave. Here some examples:
  • It is easier for him to accept his being as a slave when it is temporary but inside he is an natural slave. With the right Master he could find confidence and life his natural desires.
  • He has to have a strict cut between "private life" and his being as a slave. He is not able to mix it.
  • He did not found the matching Master yet.
  • To be a slave can be interpreted as weakness or "less worth" in our society or by other BDSM people (more about this topic in another post).

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The 2 Slave-Types: The Session Slave (2/4)

A session slave is a slave which serve for several hours or days. So this type of slave is not a "natural" one. He wants to serve only in a defined time slot. Outside this time slot he can be submissive but only when he wants to. Exaggerated: He "plays" the role of an slave. The desire to be a slave is temporary. The desire to serve is by the most session slaves linked to the desire to receive an orgasm. Mostly the desire to be a slave lasts until they orgasm. So either the hierarchy only exists within the defined time-slot or until they orgasm.
More about the the difference between a session itself and a 24/7 lifestyle will be discussed in another blog entry. Here I want to focus on the two main slave-types and not on a BDSM-session.

Friday, September 14, 2018

The 2 Slave-Types: The Natural Slave (1/4)

In this series I will first define what a "natural slave" is. In the second post I will write about the "session slave". Afterwards I will describe in the third post the "pseudo session slave" and at the end I will give my conclusion to the slave-types. Of course there are more subtypes: The Masochistic Slave, Submissive Slave, Dogslave and so on. Here I focus on the two main types! Enjoy!

It is also important to keep in mind that their are also two Master-types. I will write about that in another post series.

The Natural Slave

As you expect a natural slave do not play a "role". He feels high and a low protocol. Rules & structure that applies at any time (low protocol) and rules & structures that applies when you train, demonstrate or would like to enjoy your slave in an "full-slave mode" (high protocol). In another post I will describe the difference between a sessions and the BDSM Lifestyle with the low/high protocol. Here I want to focus on the two slave-types.
that he wants to serve a Master. This enjoys and brings him happiness. His purpose is to serve and make his Owner/Master happy. The natural slave sees always the hierarchy and know his place even when the "session" is over. Also when he meets you on the street or you talk "normal" with him he recognize the hierarchy and sees his position as slave. In my point of view, you need for this kind of slave a