Saturday, April 30, 2022

10 years a slave

This year marks the 10 year anniversary since I asked my Master if he would allow me to become his slave. 

It is interesting how our lives and we have developed since then! I did not know what my life would be when I became his slave. I have always been looking for this kind of relationship. But after several years and some disapointing trials I had already given up. That was till I found my Master. He was very reasonable and started to built trust slowly and slowly.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Cigars and BDSM

I am sure if you browsed through "BDSM" in social media you sooner or later stumbled across a picture of a Dom smoking a cigar and perhaps having a slave serving him in the meantime. In my young Master ages I also stumbled across such a picture and I have to admit I very liked the view of an "older" and at that time more experienced Master colleague smoking a cigar while using his slave. It really had something. Perhaps I should mention that I am a non smoker. But a cigar always had something special for me.

Monday, April 18, 2022

My Master is the man of the house

I really love about BDSM relationships that they are so diverse and every couple can define the roles within them for them and also adapte them from time to time. So I decided to reflect a little bit about what it means that we are a married gay couple but that be both define that only my Master is the man of the house. Please be aware that this is only a personal reflection. As said before there is a huge variety of ways you can live in a D/s relationship.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

The Perfect "Master"-Business Trip

As you probaly already read I sometimes have to go on business trips. I had my first long haul business trip since a while and I think it was the perfect "Master" trip on my way back! But let´s start from the beginning. 

Friday, April 1, 2022

Sleeping on the floor as slave

As you already know I am only allowed to sleep in the Master bed when my Master is at home and when he allows me to join Him in bed. Otherwise I have to sleep on the floor or in the cage. So sleeping on the floor is nothing unusal to me and I have to admit it is something I got used to over the years. Of course Master wants me to stay healthy and sleep well. So although I have to sleep on the floor sometims He still allows me to use a camping mat and a sleeping bag. Of course I don't sleep as good on the floor as I sleep in the bed. But honestly I kind of got used to it and so sleeping on the floor became normal to me and I can still spend the day after without being totally tired etc.