Thursday, December 27, 2018

The benefits of owning a natural slave (Part1)

I decided to write here about the benefits of owning a natural slave by living the BDSM lifestyle.
I want to focus in this post on details and views of owning a natural slave with some examples about the benefits.  But I will skip the obvious benefits of owning a slave here.

In my job I have to do a lot of organizational work. But outside my work I hand it over to my slave to have more time for relaxing. Here are some duties which my slave has to perform which are a huge benefit for me.

Schedule coordination

First of all my slave has to enter all appointments in his digital calendar. His and my calendar are both synchronized together. So he can see my existing (business and private) appointments. This is necessary so he can coordinate new (private) appointments or shift appointments which have to be changed.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Owning the ass of my slave

You probably read the post of my slave about me owning his ass. It is time to add here my point of view.

Before I owned slave M. I have met a lot of slaves and invited them to my home to dominate them. To play with the asses of slaves can be a part of the session but is not essential. To show dominance I do not need to play with their asses.
But it can be an important part of how to show slaves who is in charge, as example by tying them up and play with their asses. But the important part to me is that they are tied up: Defenseless and at my mercy. Otherwise it has nothing to do with domination. Then playing with the most intimate part of their body, the anus, indicates for me the power gap between a Master and a slave. Furthermore it shows that the slave has no right over his body. It is a symbol of owning the slaves body. In sessions you own the body temporarily (in the predefined limits) and in a BDSM lifestyle permanent. For most of the slaves playing gentle with their asses gives them a sexual stimulation but if you begin to worker harder on them it turns into torture. To be in charge of that: giving the slave excitement or to torture them while they are tied up and have to endure the procedure is a great way of showing power!

Friday, December 14, 2018

New Domain & Secure Network Communication

I am happy to announce that we now have our own domain "" for the Blog. Furthermore the communication is now secured over HTTPS with a SSL Certificate!

Enjoy the Blog! Thanks to all followers.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

How my Master owns and trains my ass

When I first met my Master I was not at all into dildos, plugs or into being fucked. In fact it not only gave me no pleasure, it also hurt quite a lot.

My Master was well aware of this situation when I became his permanent slave. He reacted quite reasonable and calm about that special situation. He said it was no problem for him that I neither was into anal play nor that I was not able to take in plugs. But he made himself absolutely clear that he expected his slave to be fucked at any time. And that he also expected that his slave could take in plugs and dildos when ordere. He stated that my ass now belonged to him. So he sat up a strict training schedule which I had to perform until today.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Reflections on being a naked slave

My Master has recently in post explained why he is keeping me naked. So I thought I add my point of view on the topic if and what slaves should wear.

First of all it is absolutely clear that different kind of Masters prefer different kind of clothings on their slaves. Some like them naked, some like them in rubber, in leather etc. Sometimes the clothing of a slave depends on the session you are having. For example if the Master wants a butler you should wear a suit etc.
I had Masters with all different approaches to clothes on me. Some didn't care at all what I was wearing while I served them and others told me every little detail about what I should wear to please them. But most of the Masters I had liked me naked or just with a few clothes on my slavebody. As a slave you fulfill those orders, to fulfill the lust and wishes of your Masters.
As my Master pointed out he prefers slaves that are totally naked except for the cuffs most of the time.