Friday, July 26, 2019

Vacation with a slave

It is Holiday time and of course I am going to make vacation together with my slave. But of course my slave still have his rules and duty during vacation. The vacation begins with packing the luggage for our trip. Clothes, toothbrush and of course his cuffs, collar and some other stuff like a small crop had to be packed. If everything can be put in one luggage he has to carry the lugagge. If there are two I will carry the lighter one.

When we arrive at the hotel room my slave has to strip naked and wear his slave colar and -cuffs. All the house rules applies while staying in the hotel room. After unpacking I usually order my slave to serve me.

Friday, July 19, 2019

The benefits of edging a (chaste) slave

One of the key method to show my dominance is to edge my slave.
As you know I keep my slave chaste and he has to earn his orgasm by doing his slave training and slave tasks. But between his orgasm I play quite a lot with his dick and of course I edge him. Sometimes really hard, sometimes only a bit. I does it to show my power and position over him. But also to show him affection. Perhaps you read that he is not allowed to touch his dick or/and his balls. So my hands are the only way for him to receive any kind of sexual stimulation. Sexuality is a basic need and the sexuality of my slave lays in my hand. I decide when and how often he receives this kind of stimulation. I show him in that way that his sexuality and his body belongs to me.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

When a slaves misses his Master

Once in a while there are times where a Master and a slave are separated for different reasons, mostly of business reasons. I'm now in this state because my Master has to go on business trips on a regular basis and so I decided to reflect a little bit on this topic.
First of all it is my duty as a slave to keep everything smooth and running while my Master is away, returns and leaves again. As a slave I make sure that I pack and unpack his suitcase, always provide him with fresh and sufficient clothes and all the things he needs for a business trip. I have already written about my duties concerning this topic.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

The epitome for the BDSM lifestyle: The crop

One of the most important tools to live the BDSM lifestyle is for me the crop! It is the epitome of the BDSM lifestyle and makes it so much easier to dominate slaves. That is the reason why I have my crop always at hand. It is a "powerful" tool which you can use for more than only punishing the slave. Here are the reasons why for me every Master needs a proper crop: