Thursday, February 23, 2023

Being a slave brother

I love to be connected with other slaves and submissives. For me there is no jealousy in that, but more of learning from each other and supporting each other. Somehow I feel deeply connected with other submissives. Some of them I have only met online or only met once or twice. But with some I feel connected instantly and consider them as friends. So I was wondering it there are names and labeling of relationships between submissives and slaves. I actually like the the terms "fellow slave" and "slave colleague" that shows that the slaves respect and value each other but probably have not served the same Doms together nor met. 

With some slaves I have an even deeper connection. This connection relates mostly from being in contact for a long time and/or having served the same Dom together, mostly my Master of course. Those slaves I would call "slave brother" or "slave sister". It is like a family you choose. Where you are in contact with each other, you support each other and you care about each other. 

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Using other slaves

As you probably already know I see my slave not as real man. Yes, he is male but this does not make him a man. His body, his sexuality belong to me, his pleasure comes from serving Superiors. I demand and trained him to show basic respect towards all Superiors. But of course I decide to whom he has to serve fully. He has no say in it but you probably know that already.

Nevertheless sometimes I use guest slaves. My slave has of course no say in it. It is my decision who and how I use guest slaves. Mostly my slave is present when I meet them and it is his duty to support them. Giving them tips on how to serve me properly. But his duties does not start and end with the meeting of the guest slave. His duties starts before: Cleaning the house, making preparations and afterwards cleaning up and tidying the room again.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

How I feel about it when Master plays with other slaves alone. Spoiler alert: I think it is hot!

As you surely know it is very rare that Master and I are meeting other Doms and subs. This is for a variety of reasons. But it es even rarer that one of us meets with another Dom or sub without the other one present. In fact I think I only served another Master two times without my Master being present in the last 10 years. I recently focused on how I feel about when Master plays with other slaves and you might recall that I enjoy it and I am happy for the Master and slave. This time I want to focus a little bit more about how I feel about when Master meets with another slave without having me present. If I am correct hat happened just a couple of times, less than 10, within the last 10 years but 2 of those times were within the last 6 months. 

Thursday, February 2, 2023

High protocol in daily life

Since quite some time the high protocol is part of our daily life. In the past the high protocol was in place when doing a slave training or when I was in the mood to use my slave more intense. During the other time normal protocol was in place. Messaging and during the day normal protocol took place. I think in avarage the high potocol took place on weekends and perhaps one evening during weekdays. As part of his slave training and deepening his slave being I decided to intensify the high protocol. My slave always had to pre check-in before coming home. That means he has to inform me when he will arrive at home. I began to use this process to let him know which protocol will be in place when he would arrive. Therefore I started to order him more often into high protocol during evenings on weekdays. Today it is quite normal that my slave comes home, strips naked, takes a shower, puts on his cuffs and mostly a mask and then prepaires to serve me in high protocoll by putting on his slave leather collar (collar indicates high protocol). As long as we do not have other plans for the night.