Thursday, May 26, 2022

Recharching the batteries for Master and slave

As you already know Master considers himself as natural dominant and I consider myself as a natural submissive. My Master needs a submissive partner, as I need a dominant partner that I can worship. A day where I can't kneel in front of my Master is kind of a lost day and I also notice that when there are several days where I can't serve my Master that he starts to miss something deeply.

So of course we try to live our true nature as often as possible. But of course there are times where living our lifestyle is not as possible as we would want to live it. For example there are busy times at work, sickness, the meetings with friends and families where it is hard to live our lifestyle. Don't get me wrong in all these times I serve my Master as good as possible. 

Saturday, May 21, 2022

The slave terminal - more improvements

As you probably read I work on a project called "slave terminal". You can read more about the idea and how it began here and some improvements I made here.

After a long time I started to work again on the slave terminal and made new changes. First I wanted to redesign it from the ground with "qt6". So that the graphical interface looks more fancy and that I can deploy it on several platforms - Windows, Mac, Linux. Unfortunatly I need more effort and time to dig deeper into qt6. So I decided to keep my version and redesign the code, add some new features as well as get rid of unused codeparts. Furthermore I cleaned up the database and made it more logical. Since I started the project I learned a lot about programing and databases! So it was time to get rid of my beginner's mistake.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Being an introvert submissive

I have recently had a discussion with another slave about introvercy and submissivnes. We both wondered if many submissives are introverts and Master/Doms are rather extrovert?

Sunday, May 8, 2022

A guest who turned into a (guest)slave

What a nice evening I had! It is the first time since the pandemic that I had a new guestslave - but lets start from the beginning. The guestslave came first as a normal guest. Therfore he did not submit from the beginning. He did not call me Sir. Yes he always showed respect and was polite and it was clear that he probably wanted to serve. He knew that if he would submit, I will always see him as a slave (more about that here). So we met first on an "equal base" - I invited him over to expirience a three course meal where my slave is in servant protocol.