Friday, July 31, 2020

Project: "The Slave Terminal"

As you probably already have read my slave has clear rules and structures of doing his slave-chores and slave-trainings. As you also may know I structured his slavery with bonus- and punitive point system. So I train my slave with "stick and carrots". Until a few weeks his slavetasks and -trainings were maintained in a kind of excel file. Which I monthly had to create manually.
Because his slavetasks and -trainings follow a clear and logical path - all of it are on a monthly or weekly base - why not creating a "slave terminal" where I can create easily his recurring tasks and trainings with one click? Furthermore my slave can easely log his done tasks which I can then evaluate. Not to mention that the program can keep track on deadlines and calculate automaticaly bonus- & punitives. This would make my life as a Master a little easier. So I started project "Slave Terminal". Now I only have to click once a month on a button to create all his recurring slavetasks and -training. Of course I can create also unique tasks and I have the posibilities to manage his bonus-points and punitive points over the slave terminal.

How does it works?
I added a small RFID-tag to the cuff of my slave. When he goes to the slave terminal he has to log-in with the RFID-tag. The terminal knows which slave logs in. In the next step the terminal shows all tasks and trainings which are currently open to do (for the logged-in slave). Yes correct, when having a guestslave I could give him other tasks which he has to do during his stay. When the slave confirms a task on the slave-screen, the task has to be evaluated and vanishes from the slave-screen. All tasks and trainings have a start & due date. The tasks only appears when the start date is reached and will also automatically vanish when the due date has arrived (or the slave has done the task). If the due date is reached and therefore the slave has not done the task the slave terminal automaticaly adds the punitive points to the account of the slave. If the slave has done the task/training the system is awaiting my evaluation.

To manages the points or to evaluate the done tasks I need my own Master RFID-tag. When I am logging into the Slaveterminal it shows me the "Master-screen" where I can manage the points, creating new tasks/training or evaluate done tasks/trainings.

I see when the tasks were done and can easily evaluate them. After evaluation the system calculates the bonus points and adds them to the account of the slave. Behind each task and trainings there is a max. of bonuspoints set. If I evaluate the task/training as perfectly done the slave receives the max. point for this task. Of course behind each task/training there is also saved how much punitive points will be given when the task was not performed in the time given.

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Anonymous said...

Very ingenious! And very evil too... What does the slave think about it?

Anonymous said...

That's a great system. Do you intend to publish the code you used ? Have you written a documentation ?

Master D. said...

Hi Anonymous,
I didn't write a documentation and I didn't make the thoughts of publishing the code. To be honest: The "first version" of the program is now in use and I am sure I will make some improvements for it. So when publishing the code, I will do it later after making improvements.