Thursday, November 25, 2021

Showing my slave status in small ways

My status as slave to my Master is kind of obvious. At least when my Master and me are alone. I am naked, wearing cuffs and collar. Even when we are not alone I am still wearing my slave tattoo, I am most of the time locked and all the time chaste. But regardless of that my slave status is quite clear to me and my Master we both also enjoy those small details in everyday life where I can show and proove my inferiority and submissivness to him. 

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Love and BDSM

I heard that some Masters can not dominate a slave when they have affection for them or love them. I have to admit I am different. I want to build up a minimum affection and grow a "relationship" to (some) slaves. Of course not the kind of "equal" relationship you think perhaps. As I discribed in earlier blogpost: Once a slave kneeled before me I can never unsee him as something else as a slave. Does that mean I can£t build friendship? No but it is an unequal friendship. Some slaves are good friends, some are more like an object were I do not chit-chat and my owned slave is my husband which I extremely love!

Friday, November 12, 2021

Why I like serving in winter more than serving in summer

As the days grow colder and it gets dark earlier every day we are all sure: Winter is coming!

So I thought to reflect a little bit on my the differences in my slavelife between winter and summer and why I like the winter time more! As you know I am always naked and I am only allowed to wear cuffs, cage and slavechain. So in summer it is great during the high temperatures. But in winter I could get cold more easily. So it is great we have an apartment that is very easily and very efficiently to heat, so that I can stay naked all the time. Of course I can always ask my Master for a blanket when I am at his feet if I am cold, for example when we are watching TV. 

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Forcing in slavetrainings

I decided to write about the topic of "forcing" a slave. In a BDSM-relationship or in slave trainings you sometimes force the slave to do or endure things he perhaps does not want to do. It is in the nature of a D/s relationship. Of course there is also a "but" which I want to explain further.