Thursday, March 26, 2020

Fucking a slave

After all I decided to write about the subject of fucking a slave. If you read some article on our blog you know that sex - in my point of view - has nothing or at least only very little to do with BDSM. As for me BDSM has to do with domination, submission and trust! So there are of course two main forms of fucking a slave. The oral and the anal fuck and I want to write in this article about my point of view about fucking a slave and what it means to me. To clearify fucking a slave does not mean that it has to end with an orgasm but you will read more in my article.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

What it is like to love a slave

What is it like to dominate the slave you love? It is an intensive gesture of love, trust and devotion. For me personaly it makes it more intense when love (or for guestslaves: affection) is involved. This is another dimension of domination. A more intense form of BDSM. Do not get me wrong: I also really enjoy having an object (as slave)! Ordering a lickslave to my hotel room and get my feet licked for hours. But here is the difference: When dominating someone longer than one day or longer than 4-6 hours the slave will loose the characteristic of an "object" for me. You use an object but you will not take "special" care of the needs (eat, drink, piss). So the interaction with an "object" is very limited and therefore no or very less affection is needed. With the rising of interactions I want "feedback", I want a dynamic which requires at least affection. Or in other words: When I order an guestslave (as object) to serve me I will not build a bond or train him.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Fantasies I would love to perform

A Master friend recently asked me what fantasies I had which would want to perform.
That was an interesting question to me, which I could not answer easily, because I'm already the slave of my husband and in this way my biggest dream has become reality and on the other hand I'm here for making his fantasies reality.

But of course there are still some things in my mind.