Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year 2020!

We wish all our followers a happy New Year! Thank you for following. Enjoy your life and live what you are! Have a good party and see you in 2020.

Master D. and slave m.

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

What it is like to love your Master

Love and BDSM - many people have already shared their thoughts on this topic. Some say you can't combine love and BDSM, others say they go hand in hand. For me love is essential for my BDSM-relationship. I really love my Master and my love helps me to submit to him. I try do to everything for him, to please him and to make his life easier and that is a lot connected with love. You might wonder, but my Master also loves me. For him training his slave, torturing him and commanding him is also connected with love. I feel totally save with my Master, I trust him absolutely. He is my Owner and my partner. He challenges me, he trains me, he commands me, he tortures me. But he also laughs with me, watches a movie with me, takes interest in my thoughts and my feelings.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Merry X-mas 2019

We wish you a all a merry x-mas! Enjoy the time with your families and friends! And as a Christmas gift we uploaded this Christmas picture of us for our followers. Thank you very much for following and your interest in our lifestyle!

Have nice holidays!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Tributing a Master (from Master D.'s view)

While surfing throuht the web I see a lot of these so called "Cash-Masters". So I decided to write this articel about my point of view on slaves tributing a Master. Therefore I will lay my focus only on the subject of tributing. I will write an own articel about the subject of financial domination one day. From my point of view you have to distinguish these two things!
But I have to admit, that the topic of tributing is not an easy subject and has a lot of prejudice!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Male hierarchy from a slave perspective

You have chosen the topic! Thank you very much for participating in my Masters poll about the next topic I have to write about.You have chosen that I should write about male hierarchy from a slaves perspective. So my Master ordered me do so.
Just to be clear: I treat everybody nice and with respect as long as they respect me. But from my point of view there is a natural hierarchy between different men. As a Master friend once stated: "Some are meant to rule and some are meant to serve." I would divide males roughly in three categories:

Thursday, December 12, 2019

What it is like to be on twitter

As you already know we recently joined twitter. And I have to admit, it has been great so far! We have been living for years as a Master/slave-couple. We did not where sure if there where any others with similar interests. And although we only joined twitter recently I can already say that I really enjoy the BDSM-world that is out there, although many of you are thousands of miles away.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Three fantasies I still wish to perform

In a few weeks it is Christmas. So I decided to write about fantasies/wishes I still have in mind and perhaps (hopefully) will perform someday. Of course I have a lot of ideas in mind but I will reduce it here to those fantasy which are feasible, a little special and my slave already knows about.
So here three of my fantasies.

Becoming friends with other/another couple who lives the BDSM-lifestyle too
This blog entry (link) describes exactly what I mean. Knowing another Master who has also a slave and lives the BDSM-lifestyle. That would give a bunch of new possibilities. The slaves would know how to treat us (the Masters) and serves us with the respect we deserve. They would know what the preferences of each Master would be and therefore they would serve on a high quality level.
Furthermore if we trust each-other and the friendship would go deep enough I could imagine to lend out my slave. Perhaps while the other slave is on a business trip my slave could serve the other Master needs and vice versa. Another scenario could be that we (the Masters) are playing board- or video games while our slaves have to serve us and doing the house chores.
Another idea would be to perform a dinner night with 2-4 couples. Where all slaves are serving us while the Masters are enjoying the night together.

Having an BDSM evening with a hetero couple or female slave/mistress.
I never had the experience with a female or hetero couple. So it would be very interesting for me how this would be and were this would lead. If I could choose I would prefer to meet a hetero couple where one is the Master or Mistress and the other one would be the slave. Ideally they would also live the BDSM lifestyle. I think on such an appointment I would focus on pure domination, pure BDSM without sexual activities with the opposite sex. It is more a kind of an "experiment" and I would like to give it a try...

Special "Farm" Holiday - Outdoor activities
Another fantasy is to rent a house in the nowhere. Where nobody would be and we could live the BDSM lifestyle also outdoor while we are there. And of course with many posibilitys. Perhaps with a stable and a big garden. So that I could performs dogslave and ponyslave training outdoor with the gear needed of course! My slave would then have a clear procedure during the stay. Wake up prepairing everything for the morning. Then having  a slave training. Perhaps some time to rest if the training was exhausting. Perhaps my slave will then rest in the barn. Of coursed chained...
Or perhaps having dinner outside while my slave is serving me as trained.

Tips and tricks for planing a "special event"
I want to add that you always have to be open minded when performing a fantasie/wish in real life. It will never happen EXACTLY how you have it in mind and that is good. Otherwise it would be boring. So my tipp would be: Do not stick to a kind of fixed programm when you are planing something special or something bigger what is not your daily life. There are a lot of outside factors which you can not influence or plan. What I learned is that it never happens how you planed it, when you planned too much details.
When I plan something special, perhaps like the farm holiday, I memorize or write down "key events" which I want to perform. It is like a priorised "to/could-do"-list. Where I pick stuff I want to do if the situation allows it. As example it would be nice to ride my ponyslave outdoor or holding him as a chained dog outside the house. I keep these key events as small as possible and perhaps in some variations. Why? you ask:
What would be when it raines the whole time? Of course I would ride my slave outside but perhaps only for a few minutes. What if the area is to uneven and therefore very exhausting for my slave? Then I would also ride him but make perhaps more breaks so that he can regain power.
What I want to say is: There are a lot of factors which you can not plan or forget to mind. Have a "key event" in mind which gives the start settings, perhaps a lead in which direction it should go and then you look where it goes. Let the situation influence your decision. Do not forget: The journey is the reward. That is the reason you read a lot of "perhapses", "coulds" and why these are only rough ideas in my text above.

If you have any question or comments about this post let me know in the comment below.

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