Thursday, December 12, 2019

What it is like to be on twitter

As you already know we recently joined twitter. And I have to admit, it has been great so far! We have been living for years as a Master/slave-couple. We did not where sure if there where any others with similar interests. And although we only joined twitter recently I can already say that I really enjoy the BDSM-world that is out there, although many of you are thousands of miles away.
It is so great to see other people living similar to us, having similar interests, similar ideas and similar turn-ons. I really love writing this blog. I really love sharing deeper thoughts with you. But sometimes I just want to tell the world how much I love my Master, how much I enjoy serving him, how much I love licking his feet, how much I crave his dick and then twitter is the right medium. The same for when my Master punishes me, has a new idea in training me or bought a new toy.
My Master is great and very carrying as he is always in those things. He gives me time and let's me decide what I want to make public about myself, what I want to tell the world about our relationship and about witch pictures I feel comfortable to share. He knows that posting publicly is not easy for me, but he encourages me and not orders me to do so. That is the nature of a true Master. But of course he orders me to manage the account now as we have it, to answer messages etc. All the things slaves should do for their Master.
Every time a new person follows us I'm flushed, every time someone likes a tweet I'm full of joy and everytime someone retweets a tweet I'm honored.
I only wish I would see less dicks and fucking on twitter and more about BDSM and gay slavery. But I think it is up to us to create the content and find others who might also like the same things.

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Alex said...

Thank you for sharing all this with us on twitter. I joined twitter also.a few month ago and was surprised to finde MASTER and slaves that have the same mindset than this slave. Didn't find them on other places so far. Therefor it is great.
I agree with you: many mix D/s with wearing rubber and suck a dick... thats so much more and different and as your MASTER wrote, BDSM is not sex... Thank you again for giving this inside. It helps me on my way to become a better natural slave.

soldierprisoner at twitter

Slave M. said...

Dear Alex! Thank you for your comment. It also helps me a lot to see that there are so many people out there that also live BDSM and for them BDSM does not mean having sex with a mask on. Thank you also for sharing your thoughts!