Saturday, December 14, 2019

Male hierarchy from a slave perspective

You have chosen the topic! Thank you very much for participating in my Masters poll about the next topic I have to write about.You have chosen that I should write about male hierarchy from a slaves perspective. So my Master ordered me do so.
Just to be clear: I treat everybody nice and with respect as long as they respect me. But from my point of view there is a natural hierarchy between different men. As a Master friend once stated: "Some are meant to rule and some are meant to serve." I would divide males roughly in three categories:

Those are mostly natural Masters for me. Men that are dominant just the way they are. They don't need to bark orders or to be unfriendly, they are just alphas. They are born to guide and train submissives and to be served. My Master is definitely one of them. Sometimes you see them on the street, in a shop etc. and as a submissive you just want to get down on your knees and ask: "How can I make your life easier today, Sir?"

slaves, submissives, inferiors
As you might have guessed I think I'm part of this group. We are definitely not weak, we are not pathetic. We are just at the other range of the male hierarchy ladder. We are born to serve superiors and make their life better. We are happy when we can serve and when we make a superior happy and make his life easier. For some of is it might be hard to admit that you are a slave. But after you admit it, you will be happier and you can serve with your head held high!
And as your fellow slave I show you respect, guide you and would love to serve with you together.

The big group without hierarchy
I would assume that most of the male population are not connect to one of the already mentioned groups. They are no alphas and no slaves. They are just men. Of course I treat these men also with the greatest respect and kindness, but I would neither want to serve them as a submissive nor serve with them together.
Before you ask: I have also noticed that there is a natural hierarchy in this groups. Even among the alphas are some more superior than others. I have seen alphas submitting to other alphas. They were not switchers, they just accepted the hierarchy between them. And of course I as slave would have served both of them, because although one alpha submits to another alpha, both still would be alphas for me. It is the same with slaves. Even among slaves are some more inferior and are guided and trained by other slaves. It happened to myself some times. My Master would agree that I'm 100% submissive. But sometimes I see in a slave that he is even lower on the hierarchy ladder and I guide him there, still submitting totally to all the alphas over me.

Whether you are an alpha or a slave, feel free to contact me!
Comment from Master D.:
"Thank you for following my Twitter account and therefore reaching over 700 followers! I hope you enjoyed the 'special' blog post you voted for and which I therefore ordered my slave to write."
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SneaksnBoots said...

I can totally see your point.
"Some were born to rule, some were born to serve."
Trying to find out the reasons is just lost energy. Accepting and living by it is so much more fun :)

Alex said...

I agree with all what ou wrote, while I believe there are alpha slaves and slaves... it is about hierarchy.. somehow like in the military: officers (men) sergeants (alpha slaves) and soldiers (slave).

Slave M. said...

Thank you for your comments! Accepting and living it, not overanalyzing it, is definitely the best!