Thursday, December 27, 2018

The benefits of owning a natural slave (Part1)

I decided to write here about the benefits of owning a natural slave by living the BDSM lifestyle.
I want to focus in this post on details and views of owning a natural slave with some examples about the benefits.  But I will skip the obvious benefits of owning a slave here.

In my job I have to do a lot of organizational work. But outside my work I hand it over to my slave to have more time for relaxing. Here are some duties which my slave has to perform which are a huge benefit for me.

Schedule coordination

First of all my slave has to enter all appointments in his digital calendar. His and my calendar are both synchronized together. So he can see my existing (business and private) appointments. This is necessary so he can coordinate new (private) appointments or shift appointments which have to be changed.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Owning the ass of my slave

You probably read the post of my slave about me owning his ass. It is time to add here my point of view.

Before I owned slave M. I have met a lot of slaves and invited them to my home to dominate them. To play with the asses of slaves can be a part of the session but is not essential. To show dominance I do not need to play with their asses.
But it can be an important part of how to show slaves who is in charge, as example by tying them up and play with their asses. But the important part to me is that they are tied up: Defenseless and at my mercy. Otherwise it has nothing to do with domination. Then playing with the most intimate part of their body, the anus, indicates for me the power gap between a Master and a slave. Furthermore it shows that the slave has no right over his body. It is a symbol of owning the slaves body. In sessions you own the body temporarily (in the predefined limits) and in a BDSM lifestyle permanent. For most of the slaves playing gentle with their asses gives them a sexual stimulation but if you begin to worker harder on them it turns into torture. To be in charge of that: giving the slave excitement or to torture them while they are tied up and have to endure the procedure is a great way of showing power!

Friday, December 14, 2018

New Domain & Secure Network Communication

I am happy to announce that we now have our own domain "" for the Blog. Furthermore the communication is now secured over HTTPS with a SSL Certificate!

Enjoy the Blog! Thanks to all followers.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

How my Master owns and trains my ass

When I first met my Master I was not at all into dildos, plugs or into being fucked. In fact it not only gave me no pleasure, it also hurt quite a lot.

My Master was well aware of this situation when I became his permanent slave. He reacted quite reasonable and calm about that special situation. He said it was no problem for him that I neither was into anal play nor that I was not able to take in plugs. But he made himself absolutely clear that he expected his slave to be fucked at any time. And that he also expected that his slave could take in plugs and dildos when ordere. He stated that my ass now belonged to him. So he sat up a strict training schedule which I had to perform until today.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Reflections on being a naked slave

My Master has recently in post explained why he is keeping me naked. So I thought I add my point of view on the topic if and what slaves should wear.

First of all it is absolutely clear that different kind of Masters prefer different kind of clothings on their slaves. Some like them naked, some like them in rubber, in leather etc. Sometimes the clothing of a slave depends on the session you are having. For example if the Master wants a butler you should wear a suit etc.
I had Masters with all different approaches to clothes on me. Some didn't care at all what I was wearing while I served them and others told me every little detail about what I should wear to please them. But most of the Masters I had liked me naked or just with a few clothes on my slavebody. As a slave you fulfill those orders, to fulfill the lust and wishes of your Masters.
As my Master pointed out he prefers slaves that are totally naked except for the cuffs most of the time.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Why I keep slaves naked.

Since the very beginning I keep my slaves naked. It is for me the most proper attitude for holding a slave. In my point of view there are a benefits holding your slave naked. Naked means for me that the slave is only wearing (locked) cuffs on his wrist and ankle. That is a very important point for me: Cuffs are on the one site a clear "slave" sign. To be naked does not really indicate the slave "status" to me and cuffs are a clear sign.
On the other hand cuffs are extremely useful! I can tie up my slave any time I want because of the cuffs. This is a huge benefit!

Friday, November 23, 2018

How to find your (natural) Slave for the BDSM Lifestyle.

Stop searching

First of all stop searching for "your" slave. You will always have a biased view of how this slave should be and the risk that you will miss him because of your biased view.
I know this is easy to say but try to enjoy your time as Master without a slave.
Meet slaves with no ulterior motives and no preconceptions, try stuff you are interested and learn more about dominating the different kind of slaves.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Different Slave-Subtypes: The Sex Slave (8/8)

As the name mention: The sex slaves wants to be used for sexual pleasure. So he wants to be fucked or to suck your dick! Mostly these slaves also want to receive their orgasm. The pure sex slave has not much to do with BDSM. He is only submissive for sex.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Different Slave-Subtypes: The Furniture Slave (7/8)

The next step of reduction, after the dog/pony slave, is the furniture slave. He wants to be reduced to a thing. To a table, chair, footstool, ashtray, urinal....

I like this kind of reduction for a slave. I love to use my slave as a table and put my glass of whine on him. When I am using someone or my slave as furniture slave I want him to be absolutely quiet and concentrate on that one thing he has to do. His only job is to be used as that "thing".

Monday, November 19, 2018

The Different Slave-Subtypes: The Pony Slave (6/8)

The pony slave is next to the dog slave another form to reduce a slave and to show him his position.
The different between the pony slave and the dog slave is, that the pony slave wants to work. The dog slave is more "fun". The pony slave is a "working animal" while the dog slave is a "domestic animal".

To sit on a ponyslave having the rein in the your hands and giving him instruction over the crop and the rein is a unique experience! Like my slave wrote in this post: "The Master and his ponyslave become one unity". To feel your slave under you and feel him working for you, is a really cool experience! To see that his exhausted level increases and to push him a little further to his physical limit is a great way to show your dominance and your position as his Master! It is a great way for a slave to serve a master.

Also you could tie your ponyslave to a cart. It would be a great way to be transported from A to B. But therefore you need enough space or perhaps better a own range...

As you see a Ponyslave is a slave which is reduced to be a "working animal".
To see the slave lieing on the ground exhausted after his work, gasping for air and being totaly sweaty is a great view.

Unfurtunaly I started very late to use/train ponyslaves. My slave showed me that "genre" and I felt in love with it. One of the aspect why I also fell in love with it is, that the Master also have to train how to ride the ponyslave. You can not sit on a ponyslave and think you can instantly give correct signals or sitting fix in the saddle. To be a unity means that both, Master and the ponyslave, needs training.

If you have any question or comments about the ponyslave let me know in the comment below.

Here you find the overview of all sub-types of slaves.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Different Slave-Subtypes: The Dog Slave (5/8)

The dog slave wants to be reduced to an animal. But why a dog?
Dogs are known as loyal, friendly, honest, playful and you can train them. Most of these aspect are basic BDSM aspects which are important in the BDSM lifestyle. I described the correlation/similarity between owner and their animals with the BDSM Lifestyle in this post.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Different Slave-Subtypes: The Servant Slave (4/8)

These Slave want to serve and I am not speaking about sex. They wants to be a servants! Clean the house, doing laundry, cook and bring drink to their Master. Some call these slaves also house slaves. Servant Slaves normally are very submissive slaves! It makes the slave happy to make the life of his Master easier. Good servant slaves also want to serve in a "stylisch" way (like Buttler). As example my slave brings me my drink by holding his left arm behind his back, while walking with his straight back towards me and before handing me my drink over he goes on his knees and waits until I take the drink. This looks extremely esthetic!

The Different Slave-Subtypes: The Masochistic Slave (3/8)

The masochistic slave is normally not really submissive. In your common understanding the masochistic slave like to receive pain or to be tortured. He enjoys it and he is searching the torture. This is for me a direct masochist, also known as pain slave. To "play" with such a slave can be fun but this is normally a session slave. Of course a direct maso slave or better called pain slave, can be also be a little bit submissive but I never had a pain slave who was that submissive to be a real natural slave. In his subconscious he wants to be punished.

The Different Slave-Subtypes: The Submissive Slave (2/8)

Every slave has a submissive part in him! Otherwise he would not search for someone who dominates him. It is more the question how submissive a slave is. The more submissive a slave is the more rule and order-consisten he is. The submissive slave want to fulfill his given task properly and in a good quality. It makes him happy to make his Master happy. A natural slave is highly submissive! This correlates and is necessary, otherwise he would be a session slave. This trait of being submissive is the key element for any slave who wants to live the BDSM lifestyle. To serve a real master has to give you (the slave) joy and it should make you happy! This is only possible if you are highly (and naturally) submissive.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Different Slave-Subtypes: The Overview (1/8)

As you perhaps read in my previous Posts, there are 2 (and a half) main slave Types:

Here I want to write about the two slave characteristics and the different sub-types. In this Overview I will list them all and link them to the Post where you can read more about them in detail.

There are two important characteristics in which you can classify any slave! This is important to know when you are dominating/dealing with slaves.
There is the submissiv slave and the masochistic slave.

The Submissive Slave (read more)
Every slave has a submissive part in him! Otherwise he would not search for someone who dominates him. It is more the question how submissive a slave is. The more submissive a slave is the more rule- and order-consisten he is. The submissive slave want to fulfill his given task properly and in a good quality. It makes him happy to make his Master happy. ...(read more)

The Masochistic Slave (read more)
For me there are two kind of Masochist. The direct and the indirect masochist. In your common understanding the masochistic slave, also known as pain slave, likes to receive pain or to be tortured. He enjoys it. This is for me the direct masochist. But I think there are also a indirect masochist. ...(read more)


Furthermore you can classify slave into the follow "sub-types":

The Servant Slave (read more)
These Slave want to serve and I am not speaking about sex. He wants to be a servant! Clean the house, doing laundry, to cook and bring drink to his Master. Some call this slaves also houseslaves. They also enjoy that to do it in a stylisch way! Servant Slaves normally are very submissive slaves ...(read more)

The Dog Slave (read more)
These slaves want to be reduced to an animal! But not like a livestock more in a playful way! The BDSM Lifestyle is like having a "dog". You want to train him, to have fun with him but not to break him. Thats the way of a dog slave! It is a "friendly" way of practicing BDSM. ...(read more)

The Pony Slave (read more)
These slaves want to be reduced to an animal! To an livestock. They want to feel they Master. To strain for there Master. If you never sat on a pony slave: after some minutes you will see how them sweat! ...(read more)

The Furniture/Object Slave (read more)
These slaves wants to be reduced to a "minimum"... to a thing! As example you tie up the slave to a table or a chair and use him like that. You put things on it or sit on it. This can last for hours. These slaves want to be something useful for there Master without disturbing them. Some slaves want to be used urinal or ashtray. ...(read more)

The Sex Slave (read more)
These slave are very in common. They want to serve their Master in a sexual way. So they want to be fucked or suck dicks. Slaves who categorize them as "sluts" are also sex slaves. ...(read more)

Most of the slaves are a mix of the subtypes above and of course they can be trained in these categories to improve! Some sub-types as example the submissive are more suitable for a BDSM Lifestyle than other.

If you have any question or comments about this overview or if I missed one sub-type let me know in the comment below.

Monday, November 12, 2018

The natural Master

In many of my posts I have used the term "true" or "natural" Master. So I thought I should spent some time in explaining what this term means for me.

In my opinion there are only quite a few natural Masters. My Master is of course one of them, otherwise I would not have become his natural slave. In this post I'm not going to write about my Master, this will be a post on its own, but I will talk a little bit about natural Masters.

What is a natural Master?
Natural Masters are in principle ordinary males. Ordinary because they can have any age, race, job etc. There is not a special look or a special type of a natural Master. But they are in particular extraordinary because they are superior males. Not superior to all males, but to the ones who consider themselves as slaves and that want to submit. Those natural Masters feel naturally that there are others which should serve them.

Friday, November 9, 2018

How to describe a BDSM Lifestyle/Relationship

Sometime people ask me how it is to live the BDSM Lifestyle and if I can describe it.
So I want to try to answer this question with one, perhaps strange, sentence:

"It is like having a domestic/working animal..."

Perhaps that sounds very weird in the first moment but think about it! You will find a lot of similarities.

First of all you will see that there is a clear hierarchy between an owner and his animal. The owner feeds, as example, his dog with a bowl of food and decide what/when he eats. Mostly they are not allowed on couches or beds. They learn commands and you can train them. Furthermore they have a collar where you leash them. When you go out with them, you decide which route you are tacking. You put them perhaps also sometimes in a cage. These are all things that shows the hierarchy between an owner and (in this example) his dog. Also the animal has his own character and moods.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Being ridden at the farm.

My Master already wrote about the ridding evening when we visited the farm. Now I have the honor to add my point of view of this evening.

Being a human pony and being ridden by a Master is a unique experience for me as a slave. I can understand that this is not for everybody, but I had it always in me. Getting down on all fours, being reduced to a working animal and carrying the Master around and feeling his weight - that is some good way to use a slave in my opinion! In fact I knew that I liked this special kind of BDSM from the very beginning of my slave-carrier. From my early days as a young slave I searched for Masters that enjoyed the same.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Riding the slave at the Farm

I went with my slave on a small trip to another city. There we visited a friend of ours which we try to meet every-time we are there.

He has a small "farm". We were invited for a little dinner. When we meet the master my slave is allowed to sit and eat at the beginning with us at the table. Furthermore he is also allowed to wear clothes at the beginning but of course he has to wear his slave collar. We talked about everything and anything. Usually after dinner I or the master orders slave M. to get prepared for the evening. You must know, this master is a human ponyrider!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Having another Master to Dinner (Slave M's view)

My Master ordered me to write a post to his post "Having another Master to Dinner" from my point of view. So that our readers can also have the slaves' perspective on this topic.

I'm always kind of nervous when my Master invites guest where it is clear that I can be a normal slave. He only tells me shortly before the guests arriving. But I don't know if a slave or another Master or just a person that is interested in our lifestyle is coming. And of course I don't know what will happen that evening. Will my Master only show off his slave? Would he train me together with another slave? Would I also have to train the slave to show them how to deal with a Master properly? Or would my Master let another Master play with me and what would this other Master do to me?

Having another Master to Dinner (Master D's view)

I love to receive visit from friends who knows what kind of life we are living. In this case I do not have to "hide" my slave. We can the live our "normal" life. My slave can then be displayed for what he is: A Slave. How such a visit looks like you can read here. This is a true story!

When I am awaiting visits from friends who are also into BDSM I do not tell my slave. Who and what type of visit is coming is not the concern of my slave. This situation shows that I am in charge and that I decide whom my slave has to serve! A good slave accept his position and serve every other person which his Master ordered him to.

Monday, October 22, 2018

How to address your Master properly

This entry does not give tips how you can address your Master. Because I think it is totally different in every Master-Slave-Relationship and of course each and every Master sets his own rules on how he wants to be addressed. But I can tell a little bit about how I address my Master.
As you already know me and my Master are also a couple. So of course I talk to him on first name basis, of course in a respectful way. This is mostly the way I talk to him when we are with other people and outside of our flat. Of course with the deepest respect I feel for him.

When we are alone my Master prefers a more adequate address. He likes to be called "Sir". In the beginning this was

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Example of using your houseslave properly and secretly

I want to share one of my experience which shows what it means to use your natural (house)slave properly, also when vanillas are around! So this is a true story!

I invited some friends over for dinner and to play some boardgames. You have to know that these friends I invited are vanillas. So they know nothing about our way of lifestyle but this means not that you can not use your slave properly! Our calendar are synchronized so my slave knew that I invited some friends over for dinner. As a good (house)slave he asked which friends are coming. I told him which friends will join. Why I told him that? Because my slave know the drinking and eating preferences of these friends and consider that for his shopping list.

So before I met my friends he went shopping. He bought the favorite beer, drinks and snacks of each person, then cleaned the apartment, prepared the table, dishes etc.

Normally 5-10 min before (vanilla) friends are coming he is allowed to put on some clothes so that he is "undercover" and normally he than serves our guests unnoticed. He ask friendly if they want to have some more drinks, brings the food etc.
But this time I had other plans for him!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

What Domination means to me

Domination means that I am in charge and that I decide about another person (the slave). It means that my desires/interests are in the foreground, the slave has to set aside his interests and that I am higher on the hierarchy than him.

It does not mean I can do everything!!!
To be higher in the hierarchy means also to have (a lot more) responsibilities!
Yes my slave has to bring me drinks, has to be naked all the time when possible, eat/drink all his meal/drinks from a bowl, kiss/lick my feet, suck my dick and he has to obey a lot of rules. But I
would NEVER, EVER damage my slave (or an other slave) in a physiological or mental way! In one of my previous post I wrote that my slave is chaste without any chastity device. Domination means for me also to trust! I trust my slave! I trust him that he is honest to me and that he confess his "mistake" if he has done something wrong or against the rules! As long as he is honest and confess mistakes, everything is okay. Of course he will receive consequences and of course it can be that I am disappointed but as long as he is honest to me everything is okay and I am proud of him. The worst thing he can do is lie or be dishonest to me!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Why my Master is keeping me chaste and why I think it is good for me

When I first met my master I was in my mid-twenties. I was jerking off between one and three times a day. When I was starting to meet my master I only met him once every month. He made it totally clear to me, that I was not allowed to shoot one week before the session. He did not gave me a chastity device. He just gave me the order and I followed it. He knew that I was a true natural slave and so he trusted me that I would not jerk off, even if my penis was not locked away.

During the sessions I was sometimes allowed to come, sometimes not. For my Master and me SM and sessions are not connected to orgasms. He expected me to be submissive even if I had jerked off and I did not know if I would get an orgasm when I met him.

Pretty soon it was clear that I would meet him on a regular basis. So he made it clear to me, that I was

Friday, October 5, 2018

Slaves and orgasm

My slave is not allowed to touch his cock or balls! This is one of his basics rules.

Of course there is a exception when he is cleaning himself. Since he is my slave he only received orgasms through my hand! It is an essential part of his slavery and shows who is in charge! Furthermore my slave has to "work" for an orgasm. Only when he is doing his chores properly and completes his slave training to my satisfaction he receive points. When he has enough points he receive an orgasm. Normally when he is doing all the chores and all the slave training properly it takes him about 2-3 Weeks to receive enough points for one orgasm. Sometime he receives an ruined-orgasm. That cost less points and the sexual pressure can be released a little bit. For me it is important that he can receive an orgasm (that is a good motivation for him) but it should be something "rare". He should appreciate the orgasm and see it as a reward!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Session vs. 24/7

When I tell someone in the BDSM scene that I live in a BDSM lifestyle and I have a natural slave (24/7) they come with ideas that never fits reality! Yes my slave has a lot of rules which he has to observe. But no, he is not locked up in a cage the whole day where he is only allowed to come out when I need his services! He is not living in fear. There are huge differences between having a session and living BDSM 24/7.

Mostly you order your session slave to come on a specific date. With the arriving of the slave the session starts and ends with sending him home. Perhaps your boundary to the slave is only based on BDSM because you do not want an emotional connection with him. So no smalltalk, only using the slave, having fun, and sending him home. Perhaps you first dominate him and afterwards you treat him equally. So the hierarchy disappears. There are various way to plan and do a session but one thing is sure: The hierarchy ends with sending the slave home or you end the session and treats him equally. The rules and structure of the "slavery" is only present when the session is ongoing.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Why being a houseslave is for me the best way to serve my Master.

There are many ways you can serve your Master. And many might think that a slave serves best when he is on all his fours and gets fucked or gets down on his knee and sucks of his Master. Of course I do those things, and I try

Friday, September 21, 2018

Reflections on being a Houseslave.

I love to see my Master siting on the couch and relaxing after work or during the weekends.
I love it to see when he watches TV, plays or reads.

When I see him this way I would love to go down on my knees and lick his feet, lick his balls and maybe suck his dick. But than I think again and I come to the conclusion:

The 2 Slave-Types: My Conclusion (4/4)

Every slave is different but normally you can categorize them in one of the two (and a half) main types. Some Masters like to have session slaves, while other wants natural slaves and other like both.

Of course I am not unbiased. I am a natural Master and own my natural (non masochistic) slave! It is my way of lifestyle and I love it! I love to dominate my slave in daily live and in many areas. Because of that it is obvious that I prefer naturals slaves but from time to time I also prefer pseudo sessions slaves. More then session slaves. Because there are more authentic.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The 2 Slave-Types: The Pseudo Session Slave (3/4)

The pseudo session slave is normally a "natural" slave but intend to be a session slave. There can be a lot of reason why the natural slave pretend to be a session slave. Here some examples:
  • It is easier for him to accept his being as a slave when it is temporary but inside he is an natural slave. With the right Master he could find confidence and life his natural desires.
  • He has to have a strict cut between "private life" and his being as a slave. He is not able to mix it.
  • He did not found the matching Master yet.
  • To be a slave can be interpreted as weakness or "less worth" in our society or by other BDSM people (more about this topic in another post).

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The 2 Slave-Types: The Session Slave (2/4)

A session slave is a slave which serve for several hours or days. So this type of slave is not a "natural" one. He wants to serve only in a defined time slot. Outside this time slot he can be submissive but only when he wants to. Exaggerated: He "plays" the role of an slave. The desire to be a slave is temporary. The desire to serve is by the most session slaves linked to the desire to receive an orgasm. Mostly the desire to be a slave lasts until they orgasm. So either the hierarchy only exists within the defined time-slot or until they orgasm.
More about the the difference between a session itself and a 24/7 lifestyle will be discussed in another blog entry. Here I want to focus on the two main slave-types and not on a BDSM-session.

Friday, September 14, 2018

The 2 Slave-Types: The Natural Slave (1/4)

In this series I will first define what a "natural slave" is. In the second post I will write about the "session slave". Afterwards I will describe in the third post the "pseudo session slave" and at the end I will give my conclusion to the slave-types. Of course there are more subtypes: The Masochistic Slave, Submissive Slave, Dogslave and so on. Here I focus on the two main types! Enjoy!

It is also important to keep in mind that their are also two Master-types. I will write about that in another post series.

The Natural Slave

As you expect a natural slave do not play a "role". He feels high and a low protocol. Rules & structure that applies at any time (low protocol) and rules & structures that applies when you train, demonstrate or would like to enjoy your slave in an "full-slave mode" (high protocol). In another post I will describe the difference between a sessions and the BDSM Lifestyle with the low/high protocol. Here I want to focus on the two slave-types.
that he wants to serve a Master. This enjoys and brings him happiness. His purpose is to serve and make his Owner/Master happy. The natural slave sees always the hierarchy and know his place even when the "session" is over. Also when he meets you on the street or you talk "normal" with him he recognize the hierarchy and sees his position as slave. In my point of view, you need for this kind of slave a