Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Different Slave-Subtypes: The Servant Slave (4/8)

These Slave want to serve and I am not speaking about sex. They wants to be a servants! Clean the house, doing laundry, cook and bring drink to their Master. Some call these slaves also house slaves. Servant Slaves normally are very submissive slaves! It makes the slave happy to make the life of his Master easier. Good servant slaves also want to serve in a "stylisch" way (like Buttler). As example my slave brings me my drink by holding his left arm behind his back, while walking with his straight back towards me and before handing me my drink over he goes on his knees and waits until I take the drink. This looks extremely esthetic!

If you want to live the BDSM Lifestyle you (the slave) has to be a servant slave. Most of the time my slave is doing the chores, brings drinks, cooks, clean the house, doing laundry, go shopping, prepaires everything when guests are coming and so on. While I can enjoy my spare time with reading, working on this blog, gaming, surfing, watching TV. And that is exactly for what a servant slave is here for. To make the life of his master easier!

To see my naked slaves in his cuffs, doing the laundry or cleaning the house and hearing his locks rustle against his cuffs while he walks is for me the most beautiful way to express your devotion and position as slave to your Master!

I doubt that you can live the BDSM Lifestyle (24/7) without having/being a (natural) servant slave. The (real) and in this case pure servant slave is not searching for sex, he wants to serve superior and finds his joy in making them happy! They want to be trained how they can serve best for their Master. As example I trained my slave how exactly I want to receive my drinks. How he has to dishing up the table etc.

If you have any question or comments about servant slaves let me know in the comment below.

Here you find the overview of all sub-types of slaves.

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