Monday, November 19, 2018

The Different Slave-Subtypes: The Pony Slave (6/8)

The pony slave is next to the dog slave another form to reduce a slave and to show him his position.
The different between the pony slave and the dog slave is, that the pony slave wants to work. The dog slave is more "fun". The pony slave is a "working animal" while the dog slave is a "domestic animal".

To sit on a ponyslave having the rein in the your hands and giving him instruction over the crop and the rein is a unique experience! Like my slave wrote in this post: "The Master and his ponyslave become one unity". To feel your slave under you and feel him working for you, is a really cool experience! To see that his exhausted level increases and to push him a little further to his physical limit is a great way to show your dominance and your position as his Master! It is a great way for a slave to serve a master.

Also you could tie your ponyslave to a cart. It would be a great way to be transported from A to B. But therefore you need enough space or perhaps better a own range...

As you see a Ponyslave is a slave which is reduced to be a "working animal".
To see the slave lieing on the ground exhausted after his work, gasping for air and being totaly sweaty is a great view.

Unfurtunaly I started very late to use/train ponyslaves. My slave showed me that "genre" and I felt in love with it. One of the aspect why I also fell in love with it is, that the Master also have to train how to ride the ponyslave. You can not sit on a ponyslave and think you can instantly give correct signals or sitting fix in the saddle. To be a unity means that both, Master and the ponyslave, needs training.

If you have any question or comments about the ponyslave let me know in the comment below.

Here you find the overview of all sub-types of slaves.

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