Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Different Slave-Subtypes: The Overview (1/8)

As you perhaps read in my previous Posts, there are 2 (and a half) main slave Types:

Here I want to write about the two slave characteristics and the different sub-types. In this Overview I will list them all and link them to the Post where you can read more about them in detail.

There are two important characteristics in which you can classify any slave! This is important to know when you are dominating/dealing with slaves.
There is the submissiv slave and the masochistic slave.

The Submissive Slave (read more)
Every slave has a submissive part in him! Otherwise he would not search for someone who dominates him. It is more the question how submissive a slave is. The more submissive a slave is the more rule- and order-consisten he is. The submissive slave want to fulfill his given task properly and in a good quality. It makes him happy to make his Master happy. ...(read more)

The Masochistic Slave (read more)
For me there are two kind of Masochist. The direct and the indirect masochist. In your common understanding the masochistic slave, also known as pain slave, likes to receive pain or to be tortured. He enjoys it. This is for me the direct masochist. But I think there are also a indirect masochist. ...(read more)


Furthermore you can classify slave into the follow "sub-types":

The Servant Slave (read more)
These Slave want to serve and I am not speaking about sex. He wants to be a servant! Clean the house, doing laundry, to cook and bring drink to his Master. Some call this slaves also houseslaves. They also enjoy that to do it in a stylisch way! Servant Slaves normally are very submissive slaves ...(read more)

The Dog Slave (read more)
These slaves want to be reduced to an animal! But not like a livestock more in a playful way! The BDSM Lifestyle is like having a "dog". You want to train him, to have fun with him but not to break him. Thats the way of a dog slave! It is a "friendly" way of practicing BDSM. ...(read more)

The Pony Slave (read more)
These slaves want to be reduced to an animal! To an livestock. They want to feel they Master. To strain for there Master. If you never sat on a pony slave: after some minutes you will see how them sweat! ...(read more)

The Furniture/Object Slave (read more)
These slaves wants to be reduced to a "minimum"... to a thing! As example you tie up the slave to a table or a chair and use him like that. You put things on it or sit on it. This can last for hours. These slaves want to be something useful for there Master without disturbing them. Some slaves want to be used urinal or ashtray. ...(read more)

The Sex Slave (read more)
These slave are very in common. They want to serve their Master in a sexual way. So they want to be fucked or suck dicks. Slaves who categorize them as "sluts" are also sex slaves. ...(read more)

Most of the slaves are a mix of the subtypes above and of course they can be trained in these categories to improve! Some sub-types as example the submissive are more suitable for a BDSM Lifestyle than other.

If you have any question or comments about this overview or if I missed one sub-type let me know in the comment below.


Andy said...

Thanks for explaining the different genres. As an emerging sub/slave my feelings, (that finally I am allowing myself to feel and not push down), are confusing the shit out of me. Such a weird assortment of different levels of fear, anxiety, and excitement. There are times when speaking to a DOM, I literally have what I can only call, a full body orgasm from just listening to them explain what they want and expect from me. I was aware of the different levels of feeling, and now I recognize them as being feelings of one of the different genres you explained. Almost like disassociate syndrome. So many personalities in me. The are really the different slaves coming to the fore. The only ones I still do not identify with are the animal slaves, whether dog or pony. I am not yet willing and/or able to surrender my humanity. But, again, thanks for helping me understand my own feelings a little better.

Master D. said...

I am glad to hear that our thoughts are supporting other Master and slaves.