Friday, November 30, 2018

Why I keep slaves naked.

Since the very beginning I keep my slaves naked. It is for me the most proper attitude for holding a slave. In my point of view there are a benefits holding your slave naked. Naked means for me that the slave is only wearing (locked) cuffs on his wrist and ankle. That is a very important point for me: Cuffs are on the one site a clear "slave" sign. To be naked does not really indicate the slave "status" to me and cuffs are a clear sign.
On the other hand cuffs are extremely useful! I can tie up my slave any time I want because of the cuffs. This is a huge benefit!

First of all to hold your slave naked is primarily a psychological thing. He is exposed and can hide nothing. He is always on display. You can read the body language better. An obvious example of that is when he is sexually aroused you will see that on his boner but also if he is nervous by carefully observing his skin or his way of breathing.
It shows also to whom the slavebody "belongs". What he has to wear or in this case what he is not allowed to wear decides the Master. This is a strong sign of the hierarchy and domination in the BDSM lifestyle. The slave is at the mercy of his master. When I invite a master colleague, my slave has to be naked while we are wearing normal clothes. This is a strong sign of ownership and the hierarchy.

Another benefit of holding your slave naked is that your slave has to take care over his body. He has to be shaved how you wanted him and you see immediately if he has done it in a poor quality or not at all. I furthermore think that to keep your slave naked makes him more aware about his body.

The next benefit is: At any time you want you can start to "play" with the slavebody! He is at all time ready! If you want to play with his nippels, balls or other parts you easily tie hi up and starts to enjoy the slavebody.

As you may have guessed I keep my slave naked. Every time he comes home he has to unclothe him, wear his wrist & ankle cuffs and his slave collar. I can use my slave at any time I want! Like it has to be.

If you have any question or comments about this keeping a slave naked let me know in the comment below.

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