Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Different Slave-Subtypes: The Furniture Slave (7/8)

The next step of reduction, after the dog/pony slave, is the furniture slave. He wants to be reduced to a thing. To a table, chair, footstool, ashtray, urinal....

I like this kind of reduction for a slave. I love to use my slave as a table and put my glass of whine on him. When I am using someone or my slave as furniture slave I want him to be absolutely quiet and concentrate on that one thing he has to do. His only job is to be used as that "thing".

Some Master prefer also to use bondage to fixate the slave, some not. When I uses slaves as objects I prefer using bondage. For me it is important that they have no other choice as being an object (not moving). How long you use a slave as an object depends on the way you fixate a slave and how well he is trained and what kind of thing he is. To sit on a slave (when he is on all four) can be really exhausted for the slave after a short period. When you bind him on a chair and then sit on him, you can do that for hours. What I prefer the most is to bind the slave to a table put my drink on him. And I set him into a position where I can reach his balls and his cock. So when I read something I play with the other hand with the balls or his cock while he has to rest still to not drop the glass or other stuffs. That is really relaxing for me.

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Here you find the overview of all sub-types of slaves.

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