Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Different Slave-Subtypes: The Masochistic Slave (3/8)

The masochistic slave is normally not really submissive. In your common understanding the masochistic slave like to receive pain or to be tortured. He enjoys it and he is searching the torture. This is for me a direct masochist, also known as pain slave. To "play" with such a slave can be fun but this is normally a session slave. Of course a direct maso slave or better called pain slave, can be also be a little bit submissive but I never had a pain slave who was that submissive to be a real natural slave. In his subconscious he wants to be punished.

In my point of view a real natural slave who lives the BDSM lifestyle can only be an indirect maso slave. This is my own terminology of a slave who is not masochistic and who is not enjoying the the pain. An indirect masochist slave endures the pain for his Master and sees it as an essential part of his slavery. Primarily he accepts the punishment as a training method to become a better slave. But also to show his devotion as well as his submission and affection to his Master as a consequence of being owned.
Furthermore it is important that a real natural slave sees the punishment as it is: a punishment! It should not be "fun". Of course the situation can arouse him in a "psychological" way. Perhaps the slave finds it afterwards arousing.

In my personally opinion you should always address your (natural) slave if he is receiving punishment for mistakes or if you want to use his body for your (sadistic) enjoyment. If you have a natural slave and you want to live with him in the BDSM-Lifestyle I recommend you that you keep the enjoyment ("punishing", or better torturing him without a reason) to a minimum. Of course he will endure it for you and he has to accept that if you want to use him!

My slave "fears" or better respects the Whiplash/Crop and other punishments. That is the way it should be in a BDSM Lifestyle! Punishment is for me a method to train my slave. It is one of various motivator for him to do his chores, trainings ect. and I want that he does not enjoy his punishment. It should be a real punishment and not a pleasure for my slave. If he has done a mistake or did not properly his chore he receives punishment. When I punish him I combine that with my sadistic side. I then enjoy to punish him.

Really seldom I inflict pain to my slave only for my pleasure. This shows him to whom his slavebody belongs. But I have not the intention to train him to a "pain-slave". If I want to enjoy my sadistic side intensive I invite a pain slave (as session slave) to come over.

If you have any question or comments about masochistic slaves let me know in the comment below.

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slave p said...

I got your point but what about a slave that is masochist not because he enjoy the pain, but because he enjoy to see (or feel when blidnfolded) the satisfaction and pleasure of his sadistic Master when he torture his slave. That excitement, in my case push me to offer me more and show a « ready for more » attitude. In fact I find no fun in recieving pain, the fun is to watch at my Master having HIS fun seeing me struggling or in a training position : seing the evolution of me to take more and more.