Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Summer break 2023

As every year it is time for our "summer break". We will be back on the 14th of September with a new blogentry and hopefully a lot of new ideas what to write.

As you probably noticed the last couple of weeks we published new blogentries irregularly. This is due our full private and work schedule.

But don't be sad, during that time we are still working on new blogentries and we will be back soon! In the meantime you can still browse through over 240 blogentries we wrote or enjoy Master D´s website
Have a great summer!

Sunday, June 18, 2023

The useful slave tongue

In my opinion the slave tongue is on the of most useful parts of a slave body. Many would probably say that it is the slavehole or slavedick, but the slave tongue is more important.

With the tongue a slave can lick and worship the Master for hours. Licking boots, feet, Mastercock etc. Licking the hand of the Sir like a submissive dog. The licking of a slave is not only useful as it cleans the boots or provides relaxation but also shows a form of connection and communication without using words.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

The joy of long term serving

I am already owned more than 10 years by my Master and I can't stress the fact enough how much I enjoy this form of long term serving. Some people I know prefer different BDSM dates with different people, or they especially enjoy it when they can do something for the first time with a person, for example keeping somone chaste for the first time etc.