Sunday, June 18, 2023

The useful slave tongue

In my opinion the slave tongue is on the of most useful parts of a slave body. Many would probably say that it is the slavehole or slavedick, but the slave tongue is more important.

With the tongue a slave can lick and worship the Master for hours. Licking boots, feet, Mastercock etc. Licking the hand of the Sir like a submissive dog. The licking of a slave is not only useful as it cleans the boots or provides relaxation but also shows a form of connection and communication without using words.

Master loves to have his body licked for hours while He is playing games, having dinner, watching TV oder just relaxing. It is a great way to be of attentive service without using words. While licking the slave is mostly completly silent because the mouth is used in another way expressing love and devotion via licking. Of course many Men enjoy a foot massage with hands, but Master enjoys a good massage by the slave tongue even more. One can be gentle with it, or even put more power in it.

But don't forget how important the slave tongue is for verbal worshipping and communication. Telling the Sir, how much you love him, how much you adore Him, His body etc. Words that are spoken truly can deepen the relationship between a sub and a Dom and the spoken words will help a Dom to distinct between a natural sub or a one night stand sub.

But also for more intense parts of "playing" the slave tongue is very important. Like taking the ash of a cigar, the piss of the Master etc.

And furthermore by gagging the slave taking away a lot of self control of the slave and its communication.

So like every part of the slave body don't underestimate the slave tongue and train and use it like every other part.

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slave Argos said...

Loved this post, my brother slave! I can imagine the scene and how you feel. It's wonderful to serve a real man this way.

fag slave said...

This post is on target. As a faggot, it worships a Master's feet by licking them and then sucking on their toes over and over. it also enjoys licking a Master's body especially His armpits, nipples, balls, cock, and ass. This rewards the faggot by making its Master feel good and relaxed.