Thursday, March 25, 2021

"Mastercock" and "slavedick". How language affects a BDSM-relationship

We all know the power of language. A right word can ease up a tense situation. A wrong word can end a friendship. I have already expressed some thoughts about language in BDSM-context, for example how to address a Master and how to communicate right on social media. This time I want to focus on the use of words in our BDSM-relationship. Words matter a lot of course and we have clear rules. Like in many BDSM-relationships the words "Master" and "Sir" are quite important. My Master is by far not the only Master who punishes his slave when he does not address him correctly. I have to adress him as Master every time I wear my collar. If I don't wear my collar I CAN adresse him as Master, but there is no punishment if I don't do so. The rules are clear for my Master and me.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

The Slave Terminal 2.0

In the last couple of weeks I worked a lot on the "Slave Terminal 2.0" which I hopefully soon can share with you people! I already wrote an article about the "Slave Termin 1.0" (here). It was my playground to learn how to program combined with my passion to BDSM. As you could imagen the code I wrote worked but with the experience I gained over time about programming there was a lot of improvement. So I decided to "rewrite" the Slave Terminal with my lessons learned with the idea to make it accessible to other Master and slaves. 
Before you continue reading I recomment to read the previous blogentry about the "Slave Terminal 1.0" to understand the main function of the terminal (here).

Friday, March 12, 2021

non verbal domination

Non verbal domination is for me one of the highest and most intense forms of domination. It means that the Master dominates the slave without any spoken words. I want to reflect on how this can work and what it can mean. You can roughly categorize a few types.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Slaves and positive reinforcement

I want to write today about the topic of positive reinforcement in BDSM. When we think about BDSM and how to train a slave we immediatly think of "negative" reinforcement. Using the crop, showing the slave what he did wrong and so on. Of course I use the crop, of course my slave gets punished when he did something wrong - this is all part of BDSM. In a session it can work to only focus on the "negative" reinforcemend. When living the BDSM lifestyle positive reinforcement is as important as negative reinforcement and I believe also in sessions where you have a submissive and devoted (natural) slave it is a important and great tool to use positive reinforcement.