Saturday, March 20, 2021

The Slave Terminal 2.0

In the last couple of weeks I worked a lot on the "Slave Terminal 2.0" which I hopefully soon can share with you people! I already wrote an article about the "Slave Termin 1.0" (here). It was my playground to learn how to program combined with my passion to BDSM. As you could imagen the code I wrote worked but with the experience I gained over time about programming there was a lot of improvement. So I decided to "rewrite" the Slave Terminal with my lessons learned with the idea to make it accessible to other Master and slaves. 
Before you continue reading I recomment to read the previous blogentry about the "Slave Terminal 1.0" to understand the main function of the terminal (here).
So what is the difference between the slave terminal 1.0 & 2.0?
As for the terminal 1.0 the idea for the terminal 2.0 is to manage the recuring tasks and trainings of the slave and evaluate his performances.  The first version has also some structural issues (because it was my first "medium" program ever written). To add new task or trainings I had to go directly into the database to add them. I could not expect from a user to do that. It was clear the 1.0 version will only be for me personaly.

With my raised skills I decided to give it a second try. I decided to turn away from RFID verification and add a passcode system into the program. Furthermore I encrypted now the database partialy. So if your slave have some technically skills, he is not able to manipulate his score. 
But I want to also go "online" with the 2.0 version. I wanted that you could choose where to store the database - localy, in your local network or on a google drive. So that the Master/slave can reach the database from different devices and when you want also from the whole world over google drive. Therefore it would be now possible to give your slaves tasks remotely or evaluate his performance.
Futhermore I made changes so that you can make some customization and make it more user friendly. The last change I made is that more user can use the terminal. You can now register up to 3 slaves and 2 Masters.
I have more ideas for the slaveterminal 2.0 and hope that I can soon share the software after fixing the issue to create a stand alone version of it. So stay tuned.
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This software sounds like just the thing my Master might enjoy using with me... can't wait to see it and explore it, Master D