Thursday, November 30, 2023

What happens when the slave is not in the "head space"?

One of our followers on Telegram asked us recently what happens if the slave was not in the submissive head space. First all of this happens very rarely. I consider myself as a natural born slave and my Master as a natural born Superior, so I am not in certain head spaces - I am just living my submissive live. Serving my Master is natural to me. But of course there are times when serving is harder, because of hard weeks at work, private problems, health reasons etc.

Thursday, November 16, 2023

What I understand with financial domination

I have to be honest. It is a delicate topic but I want to give it a try - also because you wanted an article about my thoughts about Findom or my thoughts about the fincancially aspect in the BDSM Lifestyle:
I understand with financial domination (findom) something else then the most people. Perhaps I should call it differently in my opinion like "economical domination"? Furtheremore there is a huge crux with financial domination which occurs with domination/ownership and exploitation!
How can you dominate or own a slave financialy without "exploiting" the slave. Perhaps I should call it: How can you dominate a slave financially in an ethical way?
Therefore this is a perfect topic for a blogpost.

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Domestic service - as non permament slave

One of our followers on telegram asked me to write more about "domestice service" and I am happy to apply. First of all domestic service is one of the greatest way on how to serve as submissve in my opinion. It is far from being sexual, but it constantly needs work and attention. Wheter you are a slave that only meets a Master occassionally or that you live with your Master, you can always serve domestic.