Thursday, November 9, 2023

Domestic service - as non permament slave

One of our followers on telegram asked me to write more about "domestice service" and I am happy to apply. First of all domestic service is one of the greatest way on how to serve as submissve in my opinion. It is far from being sexual, but it constantly needs work and attention. Wheter you are a slave that only meets a Master occassionally or that you live with your Master, you can always serve domestic.

Let's start with when you meet a Master occasionally.

It can start with simple things: serving drinks to your Dom, making sure that He always has His favorite beverage when He is at your place etc. Domestic service needs your full attention. You will notice what kind of wine a Dom likes, what fruit He enjoys etc. And the next time you present the right wine during a visit of a Dom He might be positivly suprised and you can go on from there with more domestic service. I always loved those little domestic tasks for Doms that I visited. Picking things up for them from the grocery store, when I was on my way to them etc. Some enjoyed my attention on domestic chores and let me perform some tasks, others were not interested at all. For me those Doms that were interested in me as domestic slave were way more interesting, because they seemed like authentic Doms to me! One had me pick up packages for Him or bringing packages to the post office.

It got even better when I was allowed to serve a Dom over a weekend. This usually meant more domestic tasks. And sometimes it helped to find out if a Dom was truly a Dom or not. I remember one certain Dom who claimed he totally wanted a slave that would do everything for him. But I think after the second time I brought him drinks, he was like: "Oh wow, a slave would do that? You don't need to do that." But I equally had great weekends where I could clean for a Dom, do the cooking and doing the dishes. One of them was my future Master - my future Masterhusband, where I instantly felt seen as male submissive. He was alway honest to me and made it clear that I would be responsible for the household chores when I would become His slave and when we would live together. And what that means in our everyday life you can read in one of our next blogposts. 

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João D'Elcio said...

My Master has always been very specific that long-handled brooms/mops/etc are for people without slaves or time to do the task properly. This slave washes, rinses and dries a small area of the floor on his knees before moving on to the next area "because we're floors are a danger". Speaking not associated with orders is limited to when my Master feels like conversation (fortunately, several times a day), but any must be kneeling at his feet. Other tasks include reminding him of birthdays a week or so in advance and keeping a record of his friends' likes and dislikes (as they are discovered), not only of food and drink, but also interests for potential gifts. He likes to cook and so often does, but still has his slave serve it to him. Whenever he is eating, he likes his slave to be stood by the table (or bed), head bowed horizontal (so the slave can see his own feet, so as not to watch his Master eating), ready to act immediately, usually to pass the salt, top up his drink, or bring something from the kitchen (such as another fork, if it is dropped). Errands to the post office etc are saved as a treat for the slave: "I'm going to allow you to go outside today, I need…" Finally, the slave's place to sleep in the corner on the (hard) floor. It may be in the sitting room or bedroom, depending on when the slave is ordered to sleep - in Master'a view. This typically involves moving furniture first, to avoid any confusion on the slave's part of thinking of any space in his Master's house as the slave's. When the slave is ordered to sleep with his Master (often warming the bed before Master arrives, then getting out again to kneel), he must remember it is not a reward or privilege, it is because that is what his Master wants.