Thursday, January 24, 2019

The session Master

I have already described what I think is a real or a natural Master. As stated those men are quite rare.
More common is probably the session Master. And I want to talk from my point of view as a slave a little bit about those Masters.

What is a session Master?
A session Master is a 100% Master within a certain amount of time and period, or better said within a session. When he is in a session he is 100% top, dominant, sadistic etc. He likes to play with his slaves and uses them and does great things in a session. But before and after the session he is just a normal guy. He does not require, nor need or seek slave behavior from you. Most of my experiences I had was with session Masters, I think he is the most common type. Before a session you communicate a lot what can happen, what can be done etc. After the session you mostly talk about how the session was and reflect.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Disadvantages of the BDSM Lifestyle

It would be a lie to say that the BDSM lifestyle has no disadvantages! There are a few points which are in my point of view a disadvantage.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Serving my Master with another slave

As you already know I'm the only permanent slave of my Master. As you can imagine he receives quite a lot of applications from other slaves who want to serve him. But that my Master trains and meets other slaves is extremely rare.

The cause for that is obvious: Most of the so called slaves don't fit his high requirements for slaves. Being on all fours and getting fucked and spanked is not his idea of training a slave, but many of the applicants have this picture in mind.

It might surprise you, but I'm not jealous at all when my Master is meeting other slaves, in fact in my view we could meet other slaves more often. My Master is a great Master, the best I know. He deserves to be served by as many good slaves as possible. And of course I'm very proud to be the slave of such a great Master. So it makes me also happy when other slaves see my Master and they see that he has chosen me, and that I have the honor to be his permanent slave. A little selfish I have to admit, but that is the way I feel.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Visiting one of my non permanent slaves

I decided to meet another slave which I already know for some years.

I ordered the other slave (I will call him here omega-slave) to be chaste 10 days before our meeting and to buy a good wine. As always, he had to do some preparations before our meeting. The slave has to tape the key to his apartment underneath the postbox, get cleaned and shaved. Furthermore, he has to wear a chastity device. After receiving the information that I will soon be at his apartment he had to get prepared: He had to kneel naked, with cuffs, collar and mask in his bedroom and close the door of the bedroom.
Of course I do never inform him if my slave is with me or not. 

After I arrived in the apartment with my slave, I went to the living room and ordered my slave - I call him alpha-slave when meeting other slaves - to get ready. Afterwards I ordered him to pick up, blindfold and bring me the omega slave into the living room. where I sat on the couch.