Friday, January 11, 2019

Serving my Master with another slave

As you already know I'm the only permanent slave of my Master. As you can imagine he receives quite a lot of applications from other slaves who want to serve him. But that my Master trains and meets other slaves is extremely rare.

The cause for that is obvious: Most of the so called slaves don't fit his high requirements for slaves. Being on all fours and getting fucked and spanked is not his idea of training a slave, but many of the applicants have this picture in mind.

It might surprise you, but I'm not jealous at all when my Master is meeting other slaves, in fact in my view we could meet other slaves more often. My Master is a great Master, the best I know. He deserves to be served by as many good slaves as possible. And of course I'm very proud to be the slave of such a great Master. So it makes me also happy when other slaves see my Master and they see that he has chosen me, and that I have the honor to be his permanent slave. A little selfish I have to admit, but that is the way I feel.
There are different reasons why my Master trains another slave. For example that he wants to do with the others slave different things he does not want to or can do with me. Or more often, because he wants to be served by two slaves and train them together. I really love to serve my master together with another slave. After all he has two beautiful feet - what better can happen that one slave takes care of each feet. Or one slaves sucks his dick and the other one fetches drinks and so on. When there are two slaves there are lot of advantages.

I'm 100% bottom and totally submissive. But when we meet another slave I'm mostly superior to the other slave - unless my Master decides otherwise. The reason for this is quite simple. I know what my Master wants and I have been trained to please him for almost a decade. So it is my part to give other slaves some small commands so that we can both serve him well. I think my Master kind of likes it when he sees his totally submissive slave commanding other slaves and also playing a little with them. Don't get me wrong - I don't torture them and I don't get pleasure out of it when I give them commands. But I know I'm the trained alpha slave and the other slaves need more training or sometimes lack of natural submission. So I adjust them a little bit, so that my Master gets 100% pleasure.
Of course we had our share of disappointing meetings with other slaves, that did no fulfill the expectations they had raised before. But we know some few slaves that are good slaves and I really love to serve with them together. Just recently we meet another slave. I know nothing about him. Every time my Master and I meet him we have to wear masks. I have never seen his face and he has never seen mine. Communication between us is limited to the absolute minimum and requires the permission of my Master. I do not know his name and nothing personal about him. But I know he is a good slave and he has served my Master many years in some sessions. I enjoy serving with him. Licking with him together the feet, balls and dick of my Master. Sometimes I'm put away for some time and then my Master enjoys playing with the other slave alone. In this moment I feel happy for the other slave, because even if I know that he is having a hard time, I know how nice it is to have the full attention of my Master. The best parts of the trainings are for me when we are allowed to play with us together in front of my Master. He likes to be amused by two slaves in front of him. Of course we both have to stay chaste and most of the time we are wearing chastity belts. But to be allowed to touch another slave sexually and receive sexual stimulation by another slave in front of and in absolut control of our Master that is beyond expression.

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