Thursday, March 28, 2024

serving without any sexual attraction

What is it like to serve without being attracted to the dominat part at all? So far this is mostly a theoretical question for me. For me serving and sympathy go together. I only served Doms so far, which I trusted, found likeable and in case of my Master love from the bottom of my heart. Sure I also met the occasional session Master when I was younger which I didn't meet again after one session, cause we didn't vibe. But this was always after the first contact. Also all the Master guests my Sir invited over time fell into this category, cause Sir usually has a very good knowledge of human nature. But what would it be like to serve someone you don't find attractive at all?

Thursday, March 14, 2024

slave games

What happens when you have a creative Master who invites another Master and another slave?

Nothing good for the slave indeed! Recently Master suprised me with a visit of guests. But the twist was that not only another Master was invited but also another slave who both didn't knew each other! I can tell you in another post more about the evening. But the highlight were definitly the slave games! Master had designed a game where I and the other sub had to roll the dice for tasks and rounds. For example: If your dice showed 17 and 4 it could mean that you would do task 17 for 4 times! You never knew what was behind a number. The slaves also had to choose which Master should perform the task. The trick was that the Sirs had also choosen half of the tasks each. For example if my Master had choosen task 17 than I would get double the points if I choose Him for performing the task, otherwise only half.