Thursday, March 28, 2024

serving without any sexual attraction

What is it like to serve without being attracted to the dominat part at all? So far this is mostly a theoretical question for me. For me serving and sympathy go together. I only served Doms so far, which I trusted, found likeable and in case of my Master love from the bottom of my heart. Sure I also met the occasional session Master when I was younger which I didn't meet again after one session, cause we didn't vibe. But this was always after the first contact. Also all the Master guests my Sir invited over time fell into this category, cause Sir usually has a very good knowledge of human nature. But what would it be like to serve someone you don't find attractive at all?
First of all this is probably a fantasy of many subs. Being forced to serve someone or being used by someone they don't find attractive is an humiliating idea. I honestly would give the advice to all subs to only serve Doms they find likeable and attractive. But to me, for an owned slave, it is different cause I don't make the decisions. Let's take dominant women for example. Althoug I consider myself 100% gay I sometimes share pictures of dominant women who have male animals, servants etc. 

For me BDSM is much more important than gender. I would never seek contact to a woman, but of course if Master would invite a dominat woman I would serve her without any hesitation, and would provide the best service possible. Allthough I am not attracted to women at all. I think for an owned sub it doesn't matter if they find attractation, if they get the order to serve they should do so. I think it would be very hard to find a dominant man I don't find attractive at all, cause I find dominance attractive. You see the problem here? 

So I think I really would find a man unattractive if he was only playing that he was dominant, was unauthentic or dishonest to my Master. But of course I am the slave of my Master. No matter how old the adult guest Master would be, or what the body would look like, I would do my very best to serve and to make my Master proud. Cause that is what matters!

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