Thursday, March 14, 2024

slave games

What happens when you have a creative Master who invites another Master and another slave?

Nothing good for the slave indeed! Recently Master suprised me with a visit of guests. But the twist was that not only another Master was invited but also another slave who both didn't knew each other! I can tell you in another post more about the evening. But the highlight were definitly the slave games! Master had designed a game where I and the other sub had to roll the dice for tasks and rounds. For example: If your dice showed 17 and 4 it could mean that you would do task 17 for 4 times! You never knew what was behind a number. The slaves also had to choose which Master should perform the task. The trick was that the Sirs had also choosen half of the tasks each. For example if my Master had choosen task 17 than I would get double the points if I choose Him for performing the task, otherwise only half. 

Very tricky in many ways! It was incredibly hot kneeling down in front of a Sir, not knowing what would happen. For the first task I choose the guest Master. I had 17 / 4. I didn't know what happened and immediatly received four slaps on the face. Luckily for me I had choosen right and the guest Master had chosen this task. So it went on and on between the guest slave and me, between the Masters and us. We received points for suceeding, we lost points if we failed. There was actually a huge variety of tasks! 

There where also of course a lot of punisments like nipple clamps, the use of the whip etc. But also tasks like licking boots, playing with one nipples, being edged etc. Two of my favorite tasks where human animal tasks. I rolled the dice for ponyplay and accidently rolled almost the highes number of rounds in the appartment. Because I didn't knew what the task was, I choose the guest Master which happened to weigh more than my own Master. It was incredibly hot. Master saddled me so that the guest Master would sit comfortably. He also got the crop to keep me going as human pony. And then there I was going round after round, breaking out in sweat, feeling the weight of the rider on my back and also from time to time the crop on my ass. I was allowed to have one break but after that I managed all the rounds and I layed flat down gasping for air. It took me roughly ten minutes to revocer at the boots of the guest Master. Moments I really enjoyed. I love it when rider and human pony become one. Another time I had to perform as human dog or 10 minutes. Also a task I very much enjoyed. 

In the end Master showed us the prize. A dildo-gag. And the winner should decide who would be the one to fuck and who would be the one to be fucked. But what the outcome of that was, is a story for another day!

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