Thursday, May 28, 2020

Serving a Mistress as gay slave.

One user asked the interesting question how I had reacted if my Master had ordered me to serve a Mistress instead of a Master. This is such a good question that my Master ordered me to answer it in a blogpost, which I am happy to oblige.
My answer is very simple: If my Master orderes me to serve a Mistress, of course I would follow the order and I would submit and serve. I trust my Master when he allows other male Doms to play with me, the same would apply to Mistresses.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Being in lockdown with your Master

Like most of the world we also have been in a strict lockdown for several weeks. Those who follow us on twitter have seen some insights in this time but I wanted to reflect a little bit about how this time was and still is for us.
First of all we were very lucky and both of us could work from and we also kept our jobs so far. Of course it was different than before. Being together all day, working from home, not being able to meet other people, visit other places, got to restaurants etc.
My Master was great in this difficult situation! I love about him that he is a very responsible and a very calm Master and this made the situation for both of us more bearable.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Find out Friday - Question#34

As you perhaps know I started on Twitter the hashtag . There I receive sometimes questions where I need more than 280 characters to answer properly. So I decided to use the blog to deepen some of those more complex questions. So here are the first "Find out Friday Questions" for the blog.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Being ordered to serve another Master

Obviously this evening happened some time ago. But I still have it in vivid memory, so I decided to describe the first time my Master ordered me to go to another place to serve a Master without him. It is very rare my Master lets other Masters play with me or orders me to serve them. And even in those rare cases it only happens when my Master is present and in full control over the situation. So sending me to another Master and allow this Master to use me is probably the biggest level of trust my Master can give to another Master.