Thursday, May 21, 2020

Being in lockdown with your Master

Like most of the world we also have been in a strict lockdown for several weeks. Those who follow us on twitter have seen some insights in this time but I wanted to reflect a little bit about how this time was and still is for us.
First of all we were very lucky and both of us could work from and we also kept our jobs so far. Of course it was different than before. Being together all day, working from home, not being able to meet other people, visit other places, got to restaurants etc.
My Master was great in this difficult situation! I love about him that he is a very responsible and a very calm Master and this made the situation for both of us more bearable.
As his slave I still had to perform my duties. Do the shopping, do the cleaning etc. As I am trying to be a good slave I looked that we always had fresh and healthy food and that all the favorite drinks and snacks of my Master were always at home. He was great and said that he would not be too hard on me if I did not manage to get something because of the circumstances. But so far I have succeeded to get all the things we needed. I did not only look for food but also provided entertainment ideas for my Master so that we still could do some things in the evening or on the weekends.
As we were both working from home, I had more time to take care of my Master's dick in the morning and serve him his Mastercoffee. And I could provide my Master everyday with a freshly cooked meal for lunch and dinner. It really felt like becoming a 24/7-slave.
I am really thankful that my Master took the whole situation serious and so we avoided meeting other people. Many of our friends and many of our followers on twitter did the same. But some gays used their free time to set up dates, invite subs and even did things like spitting into a slave's mouth and letting them lick their sneaks and boots they have been wearing on the street. And to make it worse: They not only met other people but posted the content on twitter which made it extra hard for those really staying at home for weeks. Some of us choose to stay at home to protect others, but some of us really had to stay at home for health reasons, posting pictures of dates made things only worse. That was totally unacceptable for us. I unfollowed some of those people.
But I want to thank everybody of our followers who was reasonable and stayed at home and tried to do the right thing and make things better. I want to thank everybody who reached out on us and kept contact via messages and tweets. As the situation is slowly getting better we know that there are still parts in the world where this situation still is bad or even getting worse. Just hang in there, reach out to us if you want to and believe me: It will get better some day, it might take time, but it will get better!

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Alex said...

Thank you for sharing this inside. I think it was a good opportunity to even strengthen the ties between the MASTER and slave and also understand how serious you take it. great to hear it works out so well.

socialslave said...

Thank You for your post. Master and I are separated. He in London, me in Saint Louis MO! Yesterday I thought I would explode at authorities taking advantage of the crisis. He calmed me down reminding me that I had to do anything to protect his property. I just hate the fear mongering! Still I follow orders, I'm still a slave and proud of it! But I long for the protection of His arms.