Saturday, October 26, 2019

Busy weeks

Hi to all our followers,

Normaly we post every week new stuff but unfortunatly this and next week we will not post any new blogentry due to our very busy weeks. Next blogentry will be before 8th of november - promised!

If you have post suggestion or questions please let us know in the comment below....

So stay tuned.

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Friday, October 18, 2019

Should a slave have hobbies?

Most Masters and slaves might say that a slave should not have hobbies but only focus on the Master. But in my opinion it can be useful that a slave has hobbies.
The most challenging aspect is of course time. Between work and serving my Master it is hard to find any time for my hobbies. So whenever my Master is away (e.g. business trips) I'm allowed to focus more on my hobbies as long as I do all the tasks I get from my Master. But even when my Master is here he allows me and encourages me to take some time for my hobbies.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

How I imagine a perfect Master evening - part 1

If someone would ask me: What would be a perfect Master evening for you?
My short answer would be: Evenings where my slave serves me on a high level and with the deepest devotion. Of course there is also a long version of how a perfect Master evening could take place and there are a lot of ways how it could happen. But here one idea how a perfect evening could be.

It would start while being at work sending my slave the order to take a clean sweep over the flat and to prepare everything for a wonderful evening! In the same time I would perhaps ask another trusted Master-slave couple who would also live the BDSM lifestyle if they would like to join for dinner.
Before heading home I would inform my slave that I will be home soon and he should get prepared like trained! - "Yes Sir. Sir? Would you like a welcome drink or shall I prepare a bath?" - That would be an appropriate response for the start of an perfect evening. My slave taking care of my needs.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Why a slave should not beg

In my opinion slaves should not beg. Not begging for getting something and not begging for something to stop. Most of the Masters I have met trained me in the same way - they liked slaves that did not beg. But I also met some Masters who loved to break slaves during a session, cross their limits and make their slaves beg. One time I was with a Master who flogged me. He flogged me so hard and although he could see I could not take any more he did not stop, because he wanted me to beg. But it did not know that that was expected from me and I tried to suffer as long as possible. It took me almost a week to recover from the flogging because the Master did not stop. The other time I was writing with a Master. He said he loved it when he could break slaves and make them beg and he said there was nothing more beautiful than the "tears of a begging slaveboy". I have never met him after that sentence.