Thursday, October 3, 2019

Why a slave should not beg

In my opinion slaves should not beg. Not begging for getting something and not begging for something to stop. Most of the Masters I have met trained me in the same way - they liked slaves that did not beg. But I also met some Masters who loved to break slaves during a session, cross their limits and make their slaves beg. One time I was with a Master who flogged me. He flogged me so hard and although he could see I could not take any more he did not stop, because he wanted me to beg. But it did not know that that was expected from me and I tried to suffer as long as possible. It took me almost a week to recover from the flogging because the Master did not stop. The other time I was writing with a Master. He said he loved it when he could break slaves and make them beg and he said there was nothing more beautiful than the "tears of a begging slaveboy". I have never met him after that sentence.

So you see it is very important to know if your Master expects you to beg, or doesn't like it at all.
I don't think begging is appropriate for a slave. Begging is a sign of the slave trying to be in charge and in control. Begging means that the slave wants something! When a slave begs, he is not Master focused. And a slave should always be Master focused!
When my Master tortures or punishes me I try to take the pain as good as I can. I don't beg my Master for stopping the pain, I know that he sets the amount and the time and expects me to suffer for him. He knows me and he knows how much I can take. I trust him. The same with chastity. I never have and I never would beg to receive an orgasm. It would never occur to me. My Master sometimes has praised me for my self control in this cases, which makes me very proud.
But of course there are sometimes situations that you want something very intensly, or you want something to stop. In this case I just ask my Master in the most humble way possible. For example: I kneel down in front of him, lower my head and almost silently ask: "Sir, might I be allowed to lick your dick Sir?" I could beg for the dick of my Master. But in this way he sees that I want his dick, but still have enough self control to ask for it and show that I put his wishes and answer first. He can deny or grant me my wish. When I'm lucky and have been a good slaveboy my Master might grant me my humble wish.

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