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How I imagine a perfect Master evening - part 1

If someone would ask me: What would be a perfect Master evening for you?
My short answer would be: Evenings where my slave serves me on a high level and with the deepest devotion. Of course there is also a long version of how a perfect Master evening could take place and there are a lot of ways how it could happen. But here one idea how a perfect evening could be.

It would start while being at work sending my slave the order to take a clean sweep over the flat and to prepare everything for a wonderful evening! In the same time I would perhaps ask another trusted Master-slave couple who would also live the BDSM lifestyle if they would like to join for dinner.
Before heading home I would inform my slave that I will be home soon and he should get prepared like trained! - "Yes Sir. Sir? Would you like a welcome drink or shall I prepare a bath?" - That would be an appropriate response for the start of an perfect evening. My slave taking care of my needs.

"Prepare the bath and I take a prosecco as welcome drink!" - "As you wish, Sir"
When arriving at home I would find a perfect cleaned flat and everything ready for a perfect evening. Appropriate Music (like classic) playing in the background in a suitable volume. Candle for a good mood and my slave waiting in his position for further instruction holding my crop. For the perfect start by inspecting my slave. I would notice that he shaved his slave body like he has to. Furthermore I would recognize that he perfectly align his slave collar symmetrical on his chest and that he locked his cuffs tightly and wearing them also symmetrical with the lock in the back. So that his pose which he has taken looks perfects! I would then immediately realize that he put his whole effort of this day in prepairing everything to my satisfaction. That he was focust on his Master the whole day to give him a perfect evening!

"I am proud of you! That is a welcome!" - "Thank you, Sir!". I would then take the crop and tap my feed with it. Like trained my slave would lick my feed as a welcome. Because of the way he licks them I would feel that he is happy to serve his Master for the evening.
"I invited X&Y for tonight. Prepare everything for it" - "Of course, Sir". I would take off the locks of from my slave cuffs and take my bath. Beside my Prosecco I would find a personal letter from my slave, where he wrote someting personal. While reading, I enjoy my prosecco and my slave goes shopping to be able to serve our guest their favourite drinks and snacks. Furthermore he would set the table for the guest-master and prepare bowl with water for the guest slave.

After taking my bath I would find my slave back in his waiting position for further instruction.
"Sir, how should I welcome our guests?" - "Kneeling in front of the door, holding welcome drinks, a prosseco, for the guest Master and me" - "Understood, Sir". While waiting for our guests I would enjoy my slave.

When the guests arrived my slave would go into his position and wait for further instruction while I welcome the guests. Of course the guest slave (i will call him in this post slave g.) would immediately disappear into the bathroom while I am welcoming the guest master (I will call him in this post Master G.). After taking our welcome drink and perhaps playing with the nipple of my slave, my slave would welcome Master G. by kissing his shoes. At the correct timing, without disturbing the conversation between the two Masters my slave could say something like: "Good Evening Master G. I am happy to be allowed to serve you for tonight!" I would know that this sentence would be fully honest and that my slave really mean what he says because I do not force, order or train him to say so! Words has to come from the slaves heart and has to be honest. Only actions can be ordered!
"Slave M., my slave should be ready in the bathroom. Bring him to me" - "Yes, Master G."
After the slave was brought he welcomes me like he was trained to welcome another Master.

"G., if its okay for you, I would say that my slave will be the alpha-slave for this evening and is therefore allowed to command your slave for supporting on the slave-dutys. Furthermore please fill free to use my slave for your needs." After G. agreed I would adress my slave: "Did you noticed what we spoke" - "Yes. Sir? May I have some minutes with slave g. to organize the responsibilities for the evening?" - "Yes, after you brought us new drinks". So my slave will be responsible that the evening with two slaves works. Perhaps one slave will be serving drinks, the other the food or my slave take care of my needs, while slave g. take care of his Master or they switch. Slave g. takes care of my needs and slave m. the needs of master g. But this should not bother us (masters) for an perfect evening. The slaves have to take care. Moreover a perfect evening in this constalation would require  that the slave do not disturb. So the responsible should be clear and organized for the evening with the result that the slaves do not speak with each other or keep it at a minimum to not disturb the Masters.

After the slaves organized themself we (the Masters) would perhaps sit on the couch, chatting about everything and anything for as long as it takes while our slaves are in position. Waiting for new orders and having a cursory glace on our drinks. In case a glass gets empty.

"How long do the need for the starte?" - "About 15 Min., Sir" - "Then start!". - "Yes Sir". - "Slave G. lick our feeds while we are waiting for the starter!"...
After preparing everything for the starter my slave would kneel before the couch. Waiting until the masters finished their sentences and make a pause so that he can speak. "The starter is ready, Sir"....
We would have heard my slave but because we are perhaps in a good conversation we go on with our conversation while my slave is waiting and slave g. is still licking our feeds!

"Ready for the starter G.?" - "Yeah otherwise it would get to late!". That and the fact that we are heading to the table would be the trigger for both slaves to stand up and go to the chairs and move them back that we can sit! Then both slaves would take their position. Each slave behind his Master!

Perhaps Master G. would recognize that my slave has a boner and order him right next to him to play with the slavecock. While doing that I would see that my slave gives a special look to slave g. to let him now: "You have to take over to server the drinks and meals! Your Master wants to use me for his pleasure and therefore I can not proceed with the dinner!". After realising it slave g. whould take over! "Master D., what would you like to drink!" - "Open a bottle of white wine and I will also take a glass of water" - "Yes, Master D.". Slave G. will then go to his Master who is enjoying my slave and wait. Because he will not disturb him while playing. "I take a glass of water together with the wine!" - "Yes, my Master!"

After receiving the drinks and appettizer G. would release my slave and both slave would take their position. While we would enjoy ours meals and evening.

to be continued.....

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Looks like such a fantastic evening to me as a slave, Sir...