Friday, July 31, 2020

Project: "The Slave Terminal"

As you probably already have read my slave has clear rules and structures of doing his slave-chores and slave-trainings. As you also may know I structured his slavery with bonus- and punitive point system. So I train my slave with "stick and carrots". Until a few weeks his slavetasks and -trainings were maintained in a kind of excel file. Which I monthly had to create manually.
Because his slavetasks and -trainings follow a clear and logical path - all of it are on a monthly or weekly base - why not creating a "slave terminal" where I can create easily his recurring tasks and trainings with one click? Furthermore my slave can easely log his done tasks which I can then evaluate. Not to mention that the program can keep track on deadlines and calculate automaticaly bonus- & punitives. This would make my life as a Master a little easier.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

How I learnt to love the cage around my slavedick

From the very first moment I have met my Master he made it totally clear that he would be in absolute control of my sexuality. Of every aspect of it. When I would get fucked, when and whom I would suck, if I would fuck and when I would receive an orgasm. Pretty early in our realtionship he made it also clear that he would limit my orgasms and that I would have to earn them by being a good slave. This is how it has been for years now. I was chaste only because I was orderded to keep my hands of my dick. And be surprised or not, that was not hard for me. And my Master knew he could trust me. But he also wanted to lock my dick away at the same moment. Not because he did not trust me but because all of the things that come with a locked dick, because of it's meaning. A locked dick shows clearly the status of a slave.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Serving with a guest slave over the weekend

Last weekend a guest slave was invited by my Master to serve him for the weekend.
Because of the circumstances it was the first meeting of that kind in months. Most of the time we stayed indoors. But even without what is going on nowadays we would have stayed most of the time indoors, because my Master loves to dominate two slaves at the same moment and seems to enjoy every moment of it.
I knew which slave was coming and was ordered to prepare the apartment and other things. But Master did not give me any details what would happen.
I really loved to serve together with this slave and I was looking very much forward to it! I have known this slave as a friend for more than ten years. He has been there when I started to meet my Master, when we started a relationship and when we moved together. He is one of our few friends who is totally aware of our relationship in all its details and sometimes he asks if he can be a part of that for some days. Like this weekend.
My Master is great in using two slaves at the same moment.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Guest post - Reflection before and during my last visit

At home

It is almost exactly one year since I last visited Master D. We had to postpone the visit due to lockdown but luckily could find an alternative date only one month later than originally planned. It is not easy to put into words how I feel about this visit. It will be my first trip leaving the country since March. Normally I am really excited to leave the house and see friends and other places. But somehow lockdown and travel restrictions have become so normal that it also feels a bit weird to travel again. I do not like wearing a mask on the train (not that type, at least) and suddenly one is wondering what will happen at the border where normally borders only existed in an atlas. On the other hand this is finally something to look forward to! Something that I missed a lot over the last months.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Having slave n. visiting us

My slave is kneeling beside me - beside the couch - blindfolded holding my water and my aperitif before the first course will be served. Once a while I play with the nippels of my slave and his breathing changes. The breathing tells me he is enjoying my fingers on his nippels and I am sure his slavecock is pressing against his chastity cage. His only "job" is to hold my drinks while I am working on my computer. Meanwhile slave n. - the guestslave - is prepairing the first course in the kitchen. These moments are seldom and precious and I truely appreciate these. Finding a good guestslave with the - for me - right mindset or better: Who matches with my needs, is not easy. Having two slave on a "high level" is such an intense and wonderful experience which I truely enjoy!