Thursday, July 2, 2020

Having slave n. visiting us

My slave is kneeling beside me - beside the couch - blindfolded holding my water and my aperitif before the first course will be served. Once a while I play with the nippels of my slave and his breathing changes. The breathing tells me he is enjoying my fingers on his nippels and I am sure his slavecock is pressing against his chastity cage. His only "job" is to hold my drinks while I am working on my computer. Meanwhile slave n. - the guestslave - is prepairing the first course in the kitchen. These moments are seldom and precious and I truely appreciate these. Finding a good guestslave with the - for me - right mindset or better: Who matches with my needs, is not easy. Having two slave on a "high level" is such an intense and wonderful experience which I truely enjoy!

Both slaves are locked and chaste since weeks. A symbol which shows their position and their dedication to serve me. Puting their needs back and mine in the first place. Both slaves chose this on their own will and because they find joy in serving and submitting to a Master. My slave chose to live the BDSM livestyle and going the path as my owned slave. slave n. chose to join for a couple of days and with joining I mean with all rules which applied also to my slave. I decided to deepen his training espacially in the servant protocol. So every evening he had to serve a three course meal with all rules and all the details from the high protocol: Servant.

Of course my slave was leading slave n., helping him and reminding him of small details which I trained my slave over years. But today is the last evening for slave n. and by tommorow afternoon I will unlock his slavechain. Therefore he will show me tonight how much he learned about the servant protocol. He had two other servant evenings where my slave lead and helped him. Now - for the first course - he is on his own. My slave received the order to be reduced as my drink holder - blindfolded, kneeling and in absolut silence... while I am writting these lines.

some time later.....
While eating my first course slave n. waited in his trained position and I took sometimes some glimpses to my slave. Still blindfolded and holding my glass beside the couch. As I left him for my first course. After eating up the first course and enjoying a good wine I went back to the couch. Before sending slave n back to cook I enjoyed his tongue. I decided to use my slave to lick my feet's during the preparation of the second course. I saw in his expression that he want do do everything perfect.  Exatly the correct mindset I want for a slave! But of course some mistakes happened. I was impressed how fast he turned into the mindset of serving as slave. Without saying anything slave n. went on all four. He noticed that he had done something wrong and immediatly knew that it will have consequences. That was for me a moment where I was sure that he now had fully arrived in the mindset of a slave! Furthermore everytime he made a mistake and after realising it, I saw for some milisecond in his expression that he was disappointed about his mistake and that is for me the true mindset of a slave!

To find slaves who truely have this mindset is rare. And exactly because of that I enjoyed and appreciate the visit of slave n so much.

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