Friday, June 26, 2020

My Master’s feet

It may sound strange: I am not a foot fetishist, but I adore my Master’s feet and I could lick and kiss them all day!
Some find feet very erotic because they are feet. I for myself find my Master’s feet erotic, because they are the feet of my Master! 
From the very beginning my Master loved to show me my position as slave, my position as inferior male. And what could show that better than having me at his feet? So from the very beginning as my Master’s slave he let me lick, kiss, massage and overall worship his feet. 
Now as we have been living together my Master's feet are an important part of my enslavement. Having a slave my Master really loves to rest his feet on my body. Sometimes I am on all fours and his feet are on my back. Sometimes I am lying flat on the floor and his feet rest on my back, my genitals, my face etc. I am not 100% convinced I am more comfortable than a regular foot rest. I still can adjust my height very easily so that my back has the best hight for my Master. But I think my Master can better relax when his feet rest on his slave than one a regular footrest. 
As I have written before we have some rituals in our BDSM-relationship. So it is very much likely that my day starts and ends with me licking the feet of my Master. And also when I come back from outside the flat I have to strip naked, kneel down and lick the feet of my Master before I am allowed to do other things. 
As you might have already read I am not allowed to start licking the Mastercock on my own. But I am allowed to show affection and love by kissing and licking the Masterfeet. So this is one way for me as a slave to show my Master how much I love and adore him, by starting to lick his feet.
He sometimes asks me if it does not get boring. Me licking the same feet day after day and that for years already! But I does not get boring, I am not getting tired of it. It is still every time very intense and very erotic, like when you kiss your partner. And I hope my Master also still enjoys feeling the tongue of his slave at his Masterfeet!

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Gerry said...

What does it feel like knowing you have to get naked as soon as you get home? Is it something you look forward to or something you dread?

Slave M. said...

In the beginning it was of course strange to me and something I had to get used. But I have to admit I am now looking forward to it, because it feels right to me and I really enjoy being totally naked in front of my Master. Plus summer is coming up so I am better off without clothes.

slaveofMasterD said...

Master cleanses and purifies the heart of his surrendered disciple by allowing him to take shelter at his lotus feet and allows him to suck the sweet honey nectar that emanates from Master’s lotus feet. Honey which cleanses the impurities from the eye as well as the heart. - Sri Guru Carana Padma

fs001 said...

Your Master has very lovely feet...
Lucky you! ;)