Thursday, June 4, 2020

How I train my (or a) natural slave

When owning a slave, training is inevitable and essential. A natural slave wants to be used and to serve a Master. Therefore the Master has to train his slave.

First of all there are several reason swhy you shoud train your slave properly. The first and obvious point is that he should please you as you like it. The slave has to learn how you like the things done. How he should serve drinks. How he should lick your feet. How he has to ask and so on. Of course these are all topics which are important when having a new slave. So the first "phase" is teaching the slave the way you like the stuff done!A slave will receive in this phase more punishment than in the other phases of his training. When my slave had to learn how I want the table to be prepaired for dinner and how he has to bring food and drinks properly he made many mistake and he felt the riding crop therefore. But he got better and better until the point he feared the riding crop but did not feel it. Same for sucking my dick. I prefer it when a slave is able to take my whole cock and keep it for a while. If he is not capable to take my whole Mastercock he receives the riding crop. But training means not only to punish your slave for mistakes it also means to positively reinforce him when he did a good job! Carrot and stick!
Most slaves seeks for a praise. If a slave has done a really good job praise him for it. You will see it reinforces him.

The second step is increasing or keeping the quality of the performance of your slave. This you can only achieve when you use your slave regulary. Furthermore you have to be consistent and strict. In my opinion these are the key elements for a good slave training. That is why my slave has weekly "trainings". It keeps the qualitylevel and in these trainings I try here and there something new. But of course: keep structure and be consistent. If you change the rules on a weekly basis your slave has no possibility to deepen his pattern. Also he can not deepen his pattern when you use or train him only once in two month. Quality comes with practise and routine.

As I mentioned in other blogposts: It is a simbiosis between Master and slave. The Master should want to train his slave and receive happynes through it and the slaves should want to be trained and getting better in serving and therefore receiving happienes. If he only receives punishment and never positive reinforcement in what he is doing I believe a natural slave will get depressed.
Of course I am not including session slaves in this article who only seek "fun" and not a proper training. I am adressing Masters and slaves who want to live the BDSM lifestyle where it is not a "scene".

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SoldierSlave said...

SIR thank You for the new article on training a slave SIR not many slaves have the luck to be trained like SIR does it SIR very adorable SIR thank You again SIR

socialslave said...

This slave sees the importance of Your message. Slave should know how to please Master in the ways that Master wants and when Master wants. Does a slave start thinking as Master thinks? Slaves should prepare themselves but never presume nor get ahead of Master. The two most important things are preparation and waiting. Slave must only be the tool that Master uses to make His life easier and more filled with pleasure. That is what completes slave. That is slave's best destiny and the most important things slave need. When a slave is not able to preform those two functions, part of slave dies in atrophy. Its spirit denied and both Master and slave suffer for it.

Anonymous said...
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