Wednesday, November 27, 2019

My slave collar

As a slave I have to undress whenever I come home and put on my slave chain around my neck and my cuffs. I have to stay that way unless ordered otherwise and perform my slaveduties. But as my Master is also my partner I'm still allowed to call him on first name basis, chat about the day and other things that are on both our minds.
Still there are same times where my Master wants me to be a more intense slave, without performing one of my slave trainings. And I also sometimes have the inner wish to be a more intense slave. That is where my Master introduced my slave collar.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Getting tortured by two Masters

While I'm writing this my nipples are still hurting and I still have bruises all over my back and ass, although the evening I'm referring to, took place some days ago.
I had the honor and pleasure again to serve my Master together with our Master-friend Master M. This time we could not invite him to our home but we met during a trip in another town in a hotel-suite. Master M. is one of the few natural Masters I know. When he enters the room he shows authority by just being there without a special clothing or even saying something. As a natural submissive you always just want to get down onto your knees in front of such men.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Standard-, High- and Specific-Protocols

To live the BDSM lifestyle means to me to have strict rules for my slave and to be consequent. But there are a lot of factors which has an influence to our life and therefore on our lifestyle. That can be the job, friends, families and of course the human mind itself. So they are different kind of protocols which my slave has to follow. The protocols are build onto each other. With these different protocols it is possible to live our BDSM lifestyle as we do without being inconsequent.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

We are now also on Twitter

Dear followers,
We can proudly announce that we are now also availible on twitter! My slave received the order to take care of the account and to tweet there. We hope you will enjoy our new twitter account and follow us there too.

You can find us here: link
Twitter: @GaySlaveHusband

Stay tuned for new blogentrys here on

Your Master D.

Blogentry #082

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Why my slave has to be an "alphaslave" when guestslaves are visiting.

Having a slave and living the BDSM lifestyle means you get served all day long or at least when your slave is around. That also means you will get used to a specific quality of getting served. My slave knows exactly what I like and how I like it. When he sees that my glass is empty it is normal that he asks if I want a refill. But also when we are in public it is his desire and duty to serve. He carry my luggage without receiving the order. He is trained to do that and it is his desire to do so. After all these years of living the BDSM lifestyle I recognize immediately if a very small detail is not correct. It happens automatically! I do not search "active" for mistakes but my subconscious recognize them immediately. Mostly my slave knows exactly what he had done wrong and accepts his punishment!