Thursday, November 21, 2019

Getting tortured by two Masters

While I'm writing this my nipples are still hurting and I still have bruises all over my back and ass, although the evening I'm referring to, took place some days ago.
I had the honor and pleasure again to serve my Master together with our Master-friend Master M. This time we could not invite him to our home but we met during a trip in another town in a hotel-suite. Master M. is one of the few natural Masters I know. When he enters the room he shows authority by just being there without a special clothing or even saying something. As a natural submissive you always just want to get down onto your knees in front of such men.
My Master had invited Master M. over into our room for a nice Master evening. Master M. has known me quite some times and sees me as a natural slave. So almost the very moment he entered he commanded me to lick his sneakers for greeting him like a good slave. I looked to my Master for permission like I always do when I receive orders from other Masters.
He just said: "I trust Master M. You have to follow all the orders he gives like they would come directly from me." This is the highest possible level of trust my Master has ever given to another Master!

Master D. and Master M. spent the evening talking and playing with me. I was of course naked in front of the two Masters and serving drinks, licking their boots, sneakers and feet. This time Master M. found especial interest in torturing me. He is a natural expert in inflicting pains on slaves. When he put on the nipple clamps on my nipples he did not just put them on - he put them on so that they would stay there in the most painful way possible. Then he would play with the chain of the nipple clamps to make it hurt even more or even connect a leash to the nipple clamp and guide me through the room like a dog. Master M. loves to makes slaves suffer. But he does that in a special way. He is far away from brutality. He tortures with style! He tries to get the maximum of pain by using the minimum of effort. For example he was talking with my Master and I was on the floor licking his boot and during the talk he used the profile of his other boot to create bruises on my skin by just brushing with them over my body with a little pressure. You see he is a very efficient top: Minimum input and maximum output of pain. The second non-written rule for the evening was: "A minute where the slave is not suffering, is a lost minute." So I was kept quite busy by both Masters, was tortured, received tasks I had to fulfill, was punished with crop for mistakes etc. An other task was for example that I had to cross the room only my knees without using hands and to get from one side to the other in a limited amount of time. I had to do this over and over again till my knees where hurting like hell and I got slower and slower and I so I received more and more the crop of the two Masters.
I really was honored and overwhelmed that I had the opportunity to serve two natural Masters so intense and that they gave me so much attention, where I had no idea why I was worthy of so much attention by the two Masters.
What made the evening even more special is that I consider Master M. as a friend. He shows interest in my private and work life and I think overall he wishes me well. Being naked in front of a friend that has accepted me as a slave and being at his mercy made the serving and suffering even more intense.
I'm still wearing my bruises and my hurting nipples with pride and thankfulness. I have them because I had the honor of serving two great Masters.

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SneaksnBoots said...

Good to read that you were still enjoying the aftermaths of our little encounter.
I spent a great time with Master D., and obviously we/I took advantage of your presence. Would be stupid not to use you when you are around, isn't it? ��
The dirt on my boots will not come off by itself. And if I caused you pain... Sorry, not sorry. In your position you should be able to deal with that. And I know you can. ��
Send my best regards to your owner!
And now: 5,4,3,2,1... ������

Slave M. said...

Thank you very much for your nice comment Master SneaksnBoots! Of course I'm here to keep boots clean and suffer for my Master and his friends! I know my position and I'm grateful that you put me into it that evening. My owner will be happy to hear your regards! And if your boots are ever dirty again - contact my owner and see if he might have a solution for that problem :-)