Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Standard-, High- and Specific-Protocols

To live the BDSM lifestyle means to me to have strict rules for my slave and to be consequent. But there are a lot of factors which has an influence to our life and therefore on our lifestyle. That can be the job, friends, families and of course the human mind itself. So they are different kind of protocols which my slave has to follow. The protocols are build onto each other. With these different protocols it is possible to live our BDSM lifestyle as we do without being inconsequent.


The standard-protocol contains all 24/7 rules for my slave. He has to follow them at anytime. There are rules like: He has to be naked and wear his cuffs when ever possible. That he is not allowed to touch his dick, the only exception is for hygiene purpose. That he has to eat and drink from his bowls when alone or surrounded by people who understand our lifestyle. That he has to follow all my orders given at any time and so on.
In the standard protocol nothing is written about how to address me or any restriction about speech. So he can speak free about everything he wants. To get to the point he has here his basic slave rules and can speak about everything. About his day, job, how he feels etc. but of course he has to obey my orders, serve me, do the household and so on. It is more a kind of "informal" serving.


The high-protocol comes on top of the standard protocol and is the "formal" way of serving me and because of that he has to address me properly. Therefore no chit-chat is allowed. When he talks it has to be relate to his slave tasks/-duty's: Asking if I want another drink, ask if he can start doing the laundry etc.
In addition he has to take clear position for specific situation otherwise he receives punishment. As example: When bringing me a glass of water he has to kneel down, spread his legs so that I could play with his cock or balls and inspect his slave body properly. When I took the glass and I do not play with his slave body he is allowed to proceed with whatever he was into.
The high protocol starts when I order him to wear his leather collar and stops when I take it off, but if he has to desire to serve me in a more "formal" manner he is allowed to put his leather collar on at any time he wants, but because the collar has a lock I decide when I take it off from him. In all slave training units he has to put on his leather collar before starting the slave training unit so it is clear that the high protocol takes place and for each slave training a specific protocol takes places.


The specific-protocols are coming on top of the high protocol. When I as example order him into the dogslave protocol. He is not allow to speak and he has to stay on all four as long as the specific protocol (in this case the dogslave protocol) is active. Each specific-protocol has its own special rules and rounds up the situation which I want my slave into.
Here you find a list of the specific protocols/training.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Master D and slave, don’t you need some days off bdsm sometimes? Just vanilla relationship, one day per month for example, to give the slave some rest?

Master D. said...

Hi Anonymous,
there are no "days off". My Slave always has to wear his cuffs and his chain collar and perfoming his tasks, my orders. But of course there are days were my slave receives less orders. There are also evenings were we watch films. But the BDSM aspect is always present. In that case I am on the couch and he is on the floor. Hope that answered your question.
Greetings Master D.