Saturday, June 26, 2021

Guiding a natural slave

When you find a natural slave you will start to mold him and work on him. Guiding him into his being as a slave. Owning a natural slave is a huge responsibility. Of course one of the benefits of owning and molding a slave is that you use your slave for your desires. But keep in mind that you have a kind of a "contract" with your slave - a healthy BDSM-relationship is a symbiosis. He has also desires - "slave" desires which (hopefully) fit to your "Master" desires. The desire to be useful to his Master. The desire to serve and submit. The desire that he can trust his Master 1000%. The desire of being guided into his submissivness - into his real being. I guide and mold my slave since he decided to be my owned slave. I guided him deeper into his natural being as a slave - which I think he was born for! But what means to guide a slave? I decided to dedicate this blogpost to this topic.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Slave luxuries

As I am now permanently chaste I can't work for orgasms anymore. So Master adapted the system of my bonus points where I can still collect bonus points. But instead of getting an orgasm for them I can now trade them for slave luxuries. Master has decided that some things in my life are non essential slave luxuries for which I have to work. Things that are totally normal for my Master or any other free man but not for me.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Evolution of the "slave orgasm"

As most of you know I have strict rules and views about the orgasm or stimulation of my slave. Since the beginning of my Master-being it was for me cristal clear that orgasms are for Superiors. When a slave serves me he will eventually receive stimulation but orgasms are only for special occassions. For the most slaves chastity deepens their submission. I observed that the focus of a chaste slave shifts fully to the Master. It looks like it is given from nature that chastity lets a slave go deeper into his slave-being. I also observed that chastity made my slave more happy about his being as a slave. Today my slave finds his fullfilment and his "sexuality" in serving me and getting used.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

How I accepted that I don't deserve orgasms

Some changes are happening fast. Only weeks ago I was writing about how I lost the right to earn orgasms. Since then I have taken an even deeper step into the submissive mind concerning orgasms. I have fully accepted that orgasms are only for free men and especially for Master.s I as a slave have a different kind of sexuality. Orgasms are not for me. They should be nothing I need and nothing I crave. This is quite a change I had over the last years. Just recently it was a motivation for me to be a good slave to earn orgasms.