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Evolution of the "slave orgasm"

As most of you know I have strict rules and views about the orgasm or stimulation of my slave. Since the beginning of my Master-being it was for me cristal clear that orgasms are for Superiors. When a slave serves me he will eventually receive stimulation but orgasms are only for special occassions. For the most slaves chastity deepens their submission. I observed that the focus of a chaste slave shifts fully to the Master. It looks like it is given from nature that chastity lets a slave go deeper into his slave-being. I also observed that chastity made my slave more happy about his being as a slave. Today my slave finds his fullfilment and his "sexuality" in serving me and getting used.
But this whole process was and is still an "evolution" which needs time. When my slaves accepted to become my owned slave, he knew that his body and sexuality would belong to me. His journey as an owned slave began immidiatly with chastity but he didn't know where his journy would go. As a young unowned slave he jerked off quite every day. So I started to slowly adjust his "sexuality". For a couple of months I let him orgasm twice a week and began to reduce it afterwards to once a week. I carefully watched his state and began to reduce it even more to every two-three weeks. I recognised that this was a "critical point". So I keept this for quite a while and molded him in other areas - as BDSM is a lot more then only orgasm and chastity - so I trained him in other areas. At this point I also took away his right to touch his slavedick. He had to learn that only his Master - his Owner - can give him an orgasm, only through my hand he should receive the "joy" of stimulation and orgasm.

While some time passed and I adapted the system. He had to "earn" his orgasm by doing his slave trainings and tasks. Like cleaning the flat, making the bed. After some while I increased the "price" of an orgasm and therefore scretched the time between his orgasms. A good side effect was that he alway saw his bonus-point score and therefore "psychologicaly" knew when he could expect his next orgasm. I then began to introduce "slave orgasm" or as I called them at the beginning: ruined orgasm. I slowly went from "full" orgasm to ruined orgasm. So full orgasms got rare for my slave.

At a certain point something extraordinary happened. I recognised that my slave - who was always a lilltle focused on his (next) orgasm lost "interest" in it. In the same time he began to tell me things like: "When you play with my slavenipples it gives me much more than an orgasm." - "Orgasm are for Superior not inferior". I had the feeling he got more and more "sexual" pleasure by serving me. As it should be for a well trained slave.

I think one of the most impressive situations was, when I gave my slave an earned orgasm and he told me it felt wrong for him to receive it, because it is something for Superiors. At that point I knew his slavemind now fully and deeply accepted the situation and I can proceed with his slave training in the area of chastity. So he lost the right of receiving (ruined or fully) orgasms when having enough bonus-points. It was the natural consequences as his slavemind proceeded. Therefore there is no more way he can "achieve" an orgasm by his service/performance. He now has to achieve points for daily „slave“ luxuries like coffee or more screentime on his mobile phone ect.

Some weeks ago my slave asked me if I am mad because he did not remember when he had his last orgasm. He feared I could be mad. On the contrary. I was and I am proud because his sexuality fully adapted to his being as a slave. His focus is fully on my needs and not his. His mind accepted his slavebeing and his joy is comming from serving me. I could understand his fear because I builded the "system" around his orgasms (as a reward and positive reinforcement for his slavetasks and -trainings). As I said I can now deepen his training and he can now get rewards for daily "luxuries" he likes.

You perhaps now ask: "Did you plan that from the beginning?". Yes and in a certain way no.
For me it was clear that my slave has to live chaste and that it will help him to deepen his devotion and submissivness even more. It was clear to me that orgasms are for Superior but I use the orgasm as a reward as long as his slavemind have some focus on it. As a serious Master I have to watch over my slave and therefore I had to take care of him. If I would take away immediatly his orgasm I could had "harmed" him and his development. He needed to make thoughts, to slowly see it helps him to become an even better slave. Furthermore he would have missed important parts of his "slave path" which makes him to this great slave he is today. Being a serious Master means to guide and perhaps force the slave (to a certain point without overstraining him). It is a symbiosis. It is like sport: You start as an amateur and if you are passioned in it you will start to see what is needed to become a better athlete. You will start to do more training and your progress will make you happy. Perhaps you decide to deepen your passion even more. At a certain point you start to change your habbits: Eating healthier because you want to improve your performance, starting doing morning routines. You see your progress and that makes you even happier and at the end you became a professional. If you started immidiatly with changing your whole live I am sure it would not work out because you would missed the experiences you have to make along the way. The steps on the whole path are needed. Seeing your progress and feeling the "joy" in it. The path or growing into your passion is needed to develop in a healthy way. The same occurs for the BDSM-lifestyle and therefore for chastity. Some are faster and some need more training. My part in this analogy is the sport coach which pushes the athlets. Which makes plans, train and has to watch carefully to not overstrain him or to destroy his natural passion for the sport.

My slave is now at the point were his focus is fully on serving and getting used by me or other Superiors . That is exactly were a well trained slave should "spark joy". He is not doing it because he wants/needs an orgasm. He does it because he loves to serve and make the day of an Superior better. That is the slaveattitude I love and expect from a well trained slave! Therefore I see no need why my slave should receive full orgasms in the future except for slave orgasm for his prostate health.

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SIR please is it possible to describe the difference between a orgasm and a slave orgasm please SIR