Saturday, June 26, 2021

Guiding a natural slave

When you find a natural slave you will start to mold him and work on him. Guiding him into his being as a slave. Owning a natural slave is a huge responsibility. Of course one of the benefits of owning and molding a slave is that you use your slave for your desires. But keep in mind that you have a kind of a "contract" with your slave - a healthy BDSM-relationship is a symbiosis. He has also desires - "slave" desires which (hopefully) fit to your "Master" desires. The desire to be useful to his Master. The desire to serve and submit. The desire that he can trust his Master 1000%. The desire of being guided into his submissivness - into his real being. I guide and mold my slave since he decided to be my owned slave. I guided him deeper into his natural being as a slave - which I think he was born for! But what means to guide a slave? I decided to dedicate this blogpost to this topic.

First of all: My slave wanted and wants to live the BDSM lifestyle and he tells me often that he can not imagen another life. He knew what it meant to become my slave and that it is a journey which deepens his servitude towards me. It was and is his wish to serve and get used by me. In return I bring up his "inner slavebeing" to the surface - his true nature. There is nothing more beautiful then being yourself and believe me it makes you happy to be the person you are. As I am happy to live my Masterlife.

From the first moment my slave served me I saw/felt instantly great potential in him. I felt his natural devotion and I knew under the surface is a true and natural slave! So I gave him - after some time - the choice to become my slave and he was ready to explore who he truly is.

If you want to guide a natural slave it is important to listen to his signals and his words. Communication is an important part of the BDSM lifestyle - in both directions! Be clear and honest with your slave it is the keystone of trust. But the most important part: Take the concerns of your slave seriously and give him the room to express them. He decided to submit to you and it is only fair that he can also adress his thougts - also because you are "responsible" for his mental health! Furthermore it is a sign of respect towards your slave - yes he is an inferior and also inferiors deserve respect! If your slave explaisn to you that he has concerns towards a certain BDSM topic - as example towards a certain practice or a new rule you made - listen to it. Explain to him why this practice/rule/etc. is important to you - perhaps give him some time to process it. A natural slave does not want to disappoint you and will agree to get trained in areas outside his comfort zone but only when you earned the full trust of your natural slave.

Another important part of guiding a slave is to show him that it is absolut normal to be a slave. There is nothing to be ashamed of when submitting toward an Superior! Show a natural slave that you are proud that he found his place. It is something positive to be what you are - to live the way you were born.

Guiding a slave means also that you adapt the pace and that you give him the room to evolve! Some lessons are learned fast and some take years to evolve. Furthermore you can only guide a slave. He needs to have the "slave desire/attitude" in him. You can not turn a rock into a diamond. You have to find a rough diamond which you can work on.

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socialslave said...

This one shakes with happiness at reading Your words Sir. Being a natural slave only carries one so far. Without the care and guidance of a Master, life will always fall short in manifesting its best. However, more than that, a slave must have a human as a Master to serve and please. A body to give pleasure to, flesh to sacrifice for, a touch to crave.
Without being able to read these words you give to us, we wonder about colorblind in the rainbow.
Reality does exist and I understand that I will never be able to serve You. In fact serving may be a life that I'm not allowed to live.
But Your posts awaken the deepest needs. At least I can now be aware of this truth I have only dreamed about.
All I can do to thank you is offer these words and hope You can guess at how grateful slaves are to be exposed to Your knowledge. Even Masters need to recharge and build strength, take all You can. It is offered humbly with gratitude.