Sunday, July 4, 2021

Serving Doms as lifegoal

I was always a service oriented sub. Whenever I was in contact with a Dom I never wanted to get fucked or suck dick, I always wanted to serve and make the life of the Dom better. Only few understood that and only few were able to use and enjoy the services I craved to provide. My Master is one of them. He enjoys that I take care of all his needs and makes sure I take away as many chores from him as possible. This was always in me and I am the happiest slave on Earth that I found a Master who enjoys that also the same way as I do. I did not think that that was possible but it got more intense, especially within the last year.  

As my Master trained me that I don’t deserve orgasms and that I will never feel sexual release or sexual pleasure again my mind changed a little bit. I now get stimulated by serving Doms and other superior males. I think making a Dom happy stimulates the same regions in my brain that used to get stimulated when I still had orgasms. So in a way serving a Dom is kind of my new sexuality and I get stimulated when I serve a superior male. This is kind of interesting and new to me and I also think my Master has noticed that and also likes the change I made. He enjoys it that I crave to serve him and that I find pleasure in doing so. He does not like to order a slave to do everything, especially if it would be against the slaves will.  He prefers a slave that has an inner urge to submit and serve and my Master has brought that to the surface of my mind.
Not only my Master benefits from this change, but also other Masters to whom my Master orders me to serve them. They also benefit from the submissive chaste male that only exists and does everything to make them happy without getting anything in direct return, like for example an orgasm or the right to suck the Mastercock. Only few Doms understand that and find that also interesting.
Just recently my Master ordered me to go to another Master and serve him in a hotel room. It made me very much happy that this Master not only used me in every way possible but also allowed me to cover all the expenses of the evening, like for example the hotel room. I expect nothing in return. Sometimes Master allows me to serve a Master online by sending them gifts or money. I don’t expect anything in return, but I deeply hope that I could put a smile on the Master’s face and that he enjoys my gifts. It is an interesting and also satisfying status I have reached. I could not have reached it without the consequent training of my beloved Master! 

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