Thursday, March 5, 2020

Fantasies I would love to perform

A Master friend recently asked me what fantasies I had which would want to perform.
That was an interesting question to me, which I could not answer easily, because I'm already the slave of my husband and in this way my biggest dream has become reality and on the other hand I'm here for making his fantasies reality.

But of course there are still some things in my mind.

1. Master slave community
I would love to be in bigger Master and slave community
I would love to have more direct contact with slaves like me and with other Masters who see things similar. But most of the other Masters that approach us just want to fuck me or beat me. I would rather like to serve them like I serve my Master and my Master can give my work time as a slave to them as a gift and use the slaves of the other Masters like good friends.

A typical conversation on a Sunday evening could be:
My Master: "Ok slave, listen carefully. Here is your plan for next week: As Master Dave's slave is out of town I told him I send you over to his place do the laundry on Monday. He will also text you during the day a shopping list for you to buy and bring to his flat. I told him he can give you other orders to perform chores in his flat, but you have to be at home at 9pm, to prepare my favorite Monday evening drink. You are allowed to work late on Wednesday and Thursday as you requested. The slave of Master Peter will come over and serve me dinner on Wednesday and I'm invited on Thursday to Master Thomas for the evening to play with the two pups and have lunch with them. Master Derek is going to have a hard week so I think of sending you over to his place on Friday evening. He will be allowed to you use you as stress-relief for two hours. Better prepare yourself, it might be harder than last time - you might skip your swim training for one week because of the marks you surely will get! Weekend is as planned, but on Sunday evening Master Tom and his slave are coming over. I probably will use his slave as an object the whole evening and you will have to take care of his boots because he is planning on using them on the weekend. I know how much you love licking boots, so have a little fun yourself. You have earned it, you are a good boy! Understood everything, slave?"
"Yes Sir, of course Sir."
"Good, now prepare dinner for me."

2. Performing outdoors
I would love if it was possible to perform some things outdoor. I really would love to be put in front of a wagon like a horse and pulling my Master through the countryside. With a but plug in form of a pony tail and the crop always behind me to keep up the pace. Furthermore I would love to be a dog on the leash of my Master in a big garden, in the woods etc.
What fantasies you still want to perform?

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Anonymous said...

You are a true slave! I’m wondering if you or your Master wanted to stop the BDSM way of live, do you think your relationship could go on? Thanks for sharing

Slave M. said...

Thank you for your question. I think you just came up with the topic for one of my next entries here!

Anonymous said...

Great question from the anon! I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say about that topic

slavecaleb said...

brother, you truly serve with sincere distinction and deep humility. i also imagine a Ms community where slaves serve and obey together. you are very inspiring, brother, and i am deeply grateful to your Master and you for sharing via this blog.

SneaksnBoots said...

We should elaborate on that idea of a community.
Maybe a little farm with dogs, ponies, cattle and other livestock :P

Slave M. said...

Thank you very much for your comments! It is great to hear that you share this slaves ideas and fantasies and also find them interesting!

fs001 said...

Why not create a community for a weekend or week, to experience it?
It my be fun and educating...

Master D. said...

I agree fs001,
but first you have to find the right people where the "dynamics" matches and who are "natural" Master/slaves.

fs001 said...

For sure, Sir.
i would be deeply honored and delighted to be part of it, Sir (providing rules are clear before, of course).