Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Owning more than one slave

left, my slave - right, a guestslave
I received via twitter a very interessting question on my #FindOutFridayBDSM event.
The question was: If I would consider to own more than one slave. This is a very interessting question and because ot that I gave it an entiry blogpost. So enjoy!

Here is the original Question with my short answer due to the limitation on twitter:

First of all: To own and train a slave needs time. Time which you have to find beside your business and social life. So with the time left I focus on training and using my slave and husband which I love over all. Because I have this time I can train him to be an excellent slave and perform his services in many fields, like servantslave, dogslave, ponyslave and so on. I need this time to keep him on a certain level and to make further progress with him. Adding a slave would reduce this time where I focus on my slave.

Because of that I am torn between focusing on my slave and having other slaves.
But if I would add slaves I would hold them in a differnet way as my slavehusband.

So here how I would manage it: There would be a clear hierachy between the slaves. My slave (and husband) would be the alphaslave and of course he lives together with me. The other slave(s) would be ordered to serve in regular intervals. Of course they could be ordered to serve a weekend and therefore stay overnight but they would not live together with us.
Because of the limited time I have I would focus on a specific field for each of these slaves. I could not train them in the intensity which I train the alphaslave. That would not be possible.

Owning a slave means that you are responsible for him, to train him, to go the BDSM way with him and to dominate him also outside of a session. That takes time. I take this very serious so if a slave really wants to be owned there are some conditions which have to be fullfilled.
First of all the chemistry and the mindset has to match. Second it has to be clear what it means to be owned and that he has to submit and therefore has restrictions. Third he has to be able to serve me. So the spatial distance is small enough that I can order him to come over for serving me. But the most important point is that the slave is able to be owned! What I mean with that is that he is not in a kind of relationship which would make it impossible to dominate him.
For this kind of slave only one thing is possible: Serving me as a guestslave! I do not own them, but they can also serve me without the obligation which comes when you are owned!

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