Thursday, February 13, 2020

Is a Master allowed to have weaknesses?

I received an interesting question on my post: "What it is like to love your Master." An anonymous guy (I just assume it is a guy) asked:
"Hi, when you live with someone 24/7 and know all his strengths and weaknesses, how can you show him utterly respect as your Master? Don’t you see him as a simple man sometimes? Thank you for your answer." For me the question is quite simply answered.

Because I live with my Master 24/7 and because I know all his strengths and weaknesses I can show him respect. Because he does the same for me. He knows all my weaknesses, he knows all my ticks and still loves me and still owns me as a slave. As a Master you can even look deeper inside a person than as a slave. All the different facets of my Master make him my Master! He is not a porn figure, wearing leather and boots all day, only communicating via shouting orders. He is a real person, he even can get sick. And then I'm there for him, like he is there for me too. If he would be my session Master and I would be his session slave we would only meet when we are both fine and act like the porn figures of a BDSM-porno. But we live together, and because we share our secrets, weaknesses and also because I see him as a "simple man" sometimes it even helps me more to submit. And it definitely helps my Master to train me. Getting to know each other has deepened our relationship in a way I would never have imagined. I'm there for him like he is there for me too, I laugh with him when he is happy, I cry with him when he is sad, I'm his slave in good times as well as in hard times. Being in a BDSM-relationship does not mean you only serve when there is sunshine. Even when it rains, especially when it rains, we can count on each other. And even in a BDSM relationship it is quite ok and definitely necessary to huge each other and to cuddle if needed.

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